Does IcedOut Management Get The Credit They Deserve In The Music Industry?

As fans, a rapid rise to fame is the type of energy we all love to witness. Who doesn’t enjoy the story of the American Dream, where someone matches talent with drive and ascends to unfathomable heights? That dream lives inside all of us who envision our wildest imagination becoming reality.
A lot of artists are living that dream in front of our eyes. Seemingly overnight, they go from having a buzz to becoming viral hitmakers. The success of that magnitude is never a coincidence, and anyone who reaches stardom by a young age needs all the guidance they can get. What’s necessary is a team of mentors, people with enough experience to help an up-and-comer navigate new levels of fame. People patient enough to advise with a hands-on approach, while staying out of the way. For a lot of up and coming stars, those mentors are a firm called IcedOut Management.
IcedOut consists of a bunch of well-known managers in the hip-hop scene. It was with their help that over 20 artists grew from being nobodies to getting hundreds of thousands of views monthly and eventually becoming walking businesses with endorsements and partnerships. Having deep knowledge of bootstrapping one’s way to fame through putting foot to pavement, and spreading the music city to city; combined with using the internet to create a market for an artist and leveraging that market to set the price when labels and brands come calling.
IcedOut used their unique mix of experience and natural ability to manage artists’ growth from kids with potential to internet sensations, but his tactics are applicable to anyone charting their own course to success, no matter the industry.
They launched their management career during an era when artist development was the norm. As veterans, they don’t see the industry placing the same value on artist development. A smart person knows that a lack of industry focus on a skill set doesn’t make it irrelevant. Now, their combined 20+ years of experience provides them with a product that’s hard to find.
“Artist development is non-existent. It’s all about the evolution of the artists’ team. Managers are going to have to evolve or they won’t survive in this space. Artist development is a big space that has for lack of a better word, been forgotten. Us? We develop the artist and distribute worldwide. As streaming evens out and the lava cools, it’s a great time to enter and stake your claim. Look at Steve Stoute and United Masters.”
Team IcedOut crew have demonstrated a strong passion for promoting undiscovered music artists, particularly from disadvantaged communities. Their efforts include investing in talent and helping artists get recognized by successful record labels.

As a result of their efforts, the IcedOut crew have become an inspiration to their followers and are quickly becoming a staple in Hip-Hop.

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