Focusing on T Cell Antigen Coupler (TAC), Creative Biolabs Is Fully Competent to Give a Hand

Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive services regarding the T cell antigen coupler (TAC) with the help of experienced scientific staff and most-up-to-date technologies, in the aim of improving researches or pharmaceutical projects related to anti-cancer immunotherapy on a global scale.

New York, USA – Having been concentrated on the antibody manufacturing field for over a decade since establishment, Creative Biolabs is now fully competent to offer customers with a long list of services and technical support regarding the small molecules, especially T cells to help push the studies involving immunotherapies against cancer forward. Targeting clients with varied demands and catering to different lab conditions, all of the services and technical support are provided conscientiously, of which the GMP-certified technologies include CellRapeutics™ T Cell Antigen Coupler (TAC) Technology and CellRapeutics™ TAC Adoptive Immunotherapy that get adopted in solutions like TAC Engineered T Cell Development Services, TAC Biomarker Identification & Selection, TAC Generation & Optimization, TAC Engineered T Cell Preclinical Trial Services, etc.

Technology Highlight:

CellRapeutics™ is the registered trademark of the technologies focusing on the TAC at Creative Biolabs. CellRapeutics™ T Cell Antigen Coupler (TAC) Technology mainly works for T cell development and T cell preclinical trial to assist the clients in discovering satisfactory cells with desired properties. Moreover, the CellRapeutics™ TAC Adoptive Immunotherapy technology that involves in-depth discovery chemistry and biology can ensure TAC target identification to researches of safety and toxicity.

Services Highlights:

There are systematic procedures of TAC engineered T cell development starting from biomarker identification & selection, then followed by TAC generation & optimization. After design & construction and in vitro assay, the outcomes get into preclinical in vivo assay for the final step, preclinical application. Clients with various research purposes on a variety of diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, carcinoma, sarcoma can find counterpart problem solver, jointly provided with the help of professional scientists.

It’s worth mentioning that whether choosing Creative Biolabs’s solutions in package or separately depends on the customers themselves. “We want to solve all your problems through one-stop solutions,” said the head of Creative Biolabs who has been exploring in the field of antibody design for decades.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a leading figure in the field of antibody engineering & manufacture, Creative Biolabs has helped many global clients with their projects regarding the T cell antigen coupler to assist with improving immunotherapies against cancer. Over 10 years of operation receiving dozens of successful cases and groups of regular customers are the best proof of strength. The operation philosophy of “one-stop” aims at cutting down the troubles of clients as much as possible, advancing many peers in industry.

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