Brisbane Engineer to Launch Novel Vehicle Diagnostic Phone Tool

Brisbane Engineer to Launch Novel Vehicle Diagnostic Phone Tool

A Brisbane engineer has developed a groundbreaking new automotive diagnostic scan tool that continually relays a wide range of vital real-time data available at the touch of an app on a smartphone.

Terry Dainton, Lead Engineer of SmartStick Pty Ltd, said he had spent two years developing the revolutionary SmartStick OBD2 “plug and play” system and was now about to launch it worldwide onto the automotive market.

According to Terry, there have been broadly similar devices available in the past, but SmartStick works in a completely new way to provide a wide range of real-time key information across multiple vehicles.

“SmartStick can do easily and conveniently what only mechanics could do previously. We have brought this technology to a whole new and unprecedented level.”

“SmartStick, plugged into your car’s computer system, via the OBD port found on all modern vehicles, continually communicates with the specially developed app, collecting information in the background every time you drive without having to open the app.”

“It can work for multiple vehicles, providing a rich array of in-depth diagnostic data such as faults, alerts, maintenance requirements, vehicle location, and other useful information.”

“It stores detailed trip data, times, distances, speed and RPM, all available in graphic format on the app. Each trip is saved and can be classified as personal or business, and monthly usage and expense reports viewed or exported for tax purposes,” he said.

Terry describes SmartStick as “a genuine breakthrough in the field”, explaining that the data is collected on an ongoing basis without the app having to be opened – a totally new development.

“Until now, only professional and expensive diagnostic scanners could reveal such in-depth vehicle data sets, and similar Bluetooth scanners had to have the app open in order to perform the various functions.”

“SmartStick stays connected and works in the background, recording trips, performing full diagnostic scans, and monitoring maintenance requirements every time you drive. The user need not interact with the app, making the SmartStick really ‘smart’.”

“To make it useful to the entire family, the device can be used to monitor multiple vehicles, remotely and in real-time, providing alerts of faults and maintenance requirements and even see the location of each family vehicle.” 

“The SmartStick device itself also has its own onboard storage, so the phone need not be present to record trips or diagnostics. A full battery health test for each trip adds to its usefulness and convenience.”

“With SmartStick, vehicle drivers and owners receive alerts of any faults detected as they happen in real-time. The app then shows the possible causes, fixes, and consequences of not fixing the faults.”

“A range of reports are generated which can then be shared with mechanics, saving on repair time and costs,” he said.

Terry said SmartStick had been his “passion and focus” for the last two years.

“We have really pushed the boundaries and believe we have produced a genuinely groundbreaking product.”

“Our focus now is to bring it to market globally, backed by comprehensive 24/7 service and support, and continue developing new and exciting features.”

“SmartStick OBD2 has been undergoing rigorous testing for over a year. It will ship worldwide through UPS with a 3-year warranty,” he said.

Check out the SmartStick launch video and see the App in action on YouTube:

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign launching 18th February 2020:

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