Molluscum Away Products Formulated Using Plant-Based and Natural Ingredients to Soothe and Eliminate Skin Rashes

The company’s products are ideal for children and adults of all ages.

Miami Beach, FL – Molluscum Away is pleased to announce their products are specially formulated using plant-based, non-toxic, natural ingredients to help soothe and eliminate irritating skin rashes.

Molluscum Away develops natural skin care products designed to treat Molluscum Contagiosum, a viral infection that results in an irritating skin rash common to children.  This skin rash is very contagious and causes unpleasant and itchy bumps which can last for years, though they can fade with time and treatment.

“The Molluscum infection produces bumps or lesions to the upper layers of the skin,” says Erica Groussman, founder of Molluscum Away.  “Even though these bumps are painless, they can be quite itchy, irritating, and unsightly.  Fortunately, with our Molluscum Away products, users can soothe and get rid of these rashes with ease.”

Molluscum Away products consist of easy-to-use and highly effective patches that are placed directly on the infected area of skin.  Once skin is clean and dry, a Molluscum Away patch is placed on the rash and secured by firmly pressing down.

“We’ve made sure to develop a patch that will stay in place despite days of playing, bathing, and even swimming,” states Groussman.  “Simply leave the patch on until it falls off, or change every 48 hours until the irritating rash is gone.  It’s that simple!”

Molluscum Away patches keep the Molluscum virus from spreading while delivering the best ingredients to soothe and treat.  The sticky patches are also doctor approved, making them incredibly safe to use.

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About the Company

Molluscum Away was invented by mom of two, Erica, who was desperate to help her kiddos fight off the feisty Molluscum.  In 2019, Erica began working with a doctor to create a natural treatment – Molluscum Away – that both protects against spreading and helps to relieve symptoms. 

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