The Importance of Finding The Best Physical Therapy In San Francisco According to

The Importance of Finding The Best Physical Therapy In San Francisco According to

Chronic pain is debilitating for many people. The pain grinds them down when it interferes with sleep, work, and physical activities. Taking prescription or over-the-counter pain medications masks the pain but does not address the root cause. And, these pain medications can be addicting or have unpleasant side effects. A better approach to pain is to visit a primary care physician to find the cause and get medical treatment. Then, find a high-quality physical therapy provider. Patients can go to clinics or find a service that treats them in their homes.

On-Demand Physical Therapy is Gaining Popularity

When a person is in pain, the last thing they want to do is fight traffic, search for parking, and then walk the distance into the physical therapy clinic. They need convenience and care that comes to them. When patients look at here for information about the best physical therapy in the San Francisco Area, they will find both therapy clinic and in-home treatment options.

According to, in-home physical therapy has equally successful results as outpatient physical therapy and is more convenient for many patients with mobility problems. Several factors fuel product development. Patient demand and the development of better, more mobile equipment have made in-home treatment more common. Home health-care studies have shown good results for patient improvement.

What is Physical Therapy?

People who have an injury or a medical condition that causes chronic pain and loss of functional mobility may benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists are medical professionals with years of training and who meet all licensing requirements. Physical therapy involves a specialist working with a patient using manipulation, exercises, and other treatments to improve strength, range of motion, and reduced pain. Physical therapy has been found to help injuries and surgery sites to heal faster.

Finding the Best Physical Therapy Services

To find the best home physical therapy services, the patient should get a recommendation from their surgeon or primary care physician. In addition, they can go online to local sites that recommend health professionals. Once they have a list of possible physical therapy providers, the person should visit the websites for the therapist. Providers will be talking about company developments such as Hinge Health’s $90M Series C will double its staff, fuel product development. Companies that are growing and making the effort to increase their service options are good choices.

Physical Therapy companies such as Luna have made the effort to add on-demand physical therapy in patient’s homes. The best companies match the in-home physical therapist with the patient’s needs for the best results. These companies accept most insurance coverage and don’t require a doctor’s prescription to render services. For those living in the San Francisco area, physical therapy-on-demand specialists visit the whole area to provide their services.

People who are recovering from surgery, injury, or illness can get healthy and mobile faster by getting physical therapy. Working hard at home with the therapist can help patients regain physical mobility and have a better outcome. When a person’s health and mobility improve, they can discontinue the service.

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