Sensational Rapper And Lyrical Maestro, Nique Got-It, Releases New Track Feb 14th.

Sensational Rapper And Lyrical Maestro, Nique Got-It, Releases New Track Feb 14th.

February 14, 2020 – Fast Rap artist with a unique and sensation lyrical grip, Nique Got-It is set to release a new EP, Fallin, on February 14, 2020. Fallin is a soulful felt vibe, with a mix of rap. Fallin is a unique style for Nique, who is more into trap records, but surprisingly he was able to make a potential platinum track out of it.  

The song explains how Nique fell head over heels for a woman, but doesn’t want to feel like that again because of the hurt, so he says “no more fallin”. Fallin is another soul-sourced and heart-touching song from Nique, as he hopes someone may be strengthened from his own experience and stay strong. 

In a recent interview, Nique Got-it explained it this way. “Fallin is not just another song, it is a fusion of sounds from my soul, and I hope it gets someone standing strong in the unpredictable storm of love. I draw inspiration from almost everything around me, but Fallin is different. It’s an inspiration from the soft fabrics of my heart; it is a picture of my brush with love”. 

He went on to say, “My love for music is deep, and my passion for seeing music touch people runs even deeper! I am excited to release Fallin and hope it becomes a beacon of hope and courage to someone out there. Fallin rolls up my experience and passes across my message of courage.” 

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