My Stretch of Texas Ground Wins Best Feature at World Premiere Film Awards

Blowback from the War on Terror, in the form of terror, hits the little town of Arlettsville in the Texas Hill Country, and Sheriff Joe Haladin has to confront it. That is the premise of a new thriller streaming online, My Stretch of Texas Ground. Two indomitable men, Sheriff Haladin and the lead terrorist Abdul Latif Hassan, do battle over the life of a third man, Senator Harlan Cruthers, but, it is no Captain America story.

As it barrels toward the ultimate showdown between Haladin and Hassan, there is a current, an ether, that questions the morality of war and compares it to terrorism. Are acts of war just as monstrous as acts of terrorism? If you kill innocents with a smart bomb, is it any different than killing them with a suicide vest? Morally?

These questions are raised amid a story in which the tension and peril build relentlessly and then explode on the Sheriff in the greatest challenge of his life. The question is: Can he handle it? And can you?

Starring Jeff Weber as Sheriff Joe Haladin, and Junes Zahdi as Abdul Latif Hassan, both actors have won Best Actor awards at film festivals, and the film has won Best Picture at World Premiere Film Awards, Austin Indie-Fest, Vegas Movie Awards, and others.

My Stretch of Texas Ground is a movie Hollywood would never make, but no movie was ever made with more passion, conviction, and purpose. Now streaming on Amazon and Vimeo, it is the most provocative film of the 21st century.


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