ISS Security Solutions Launches New Smart Security Monitoring Service For Homeowners and Airbnb Hosts – Opens New Office In Jamaica

ISS Security Solutions Launches New Smart Security Monitoring Service For Homeowners and Airbnb Hosts - Opens New Office In Jamaica
Airbnb property owners can benefit from smart security technology.

Toronto, CA – Every Homeowner and Airbnb host is responsible for the safety and security of the tenants at their rental property. For this reason it is extremely important to ensure that your property is secure — either with physical hardware, security guards or a combination of hardware, software and human assets.

In fact, according to Jeff Browne, Founder, ISS Security Solutions, “With physical keys, you run certain risks that can be avoided altogether with our Smart Security Lock Applications. Physical keys can get lost, or copied quickly at a hardware store. It can also be difficult to get the keys back from guests and enforce checkout times, especially if your property isn’t nearby and/or if you’re operating your Airbnb remotely.”  

Browne adds, “With our Smart Security Lock Solutions, you can remotely provide your guests with a temporary access code that begins with check-in and expires after the check-out date and time. You can also remotely assign/delete different access codes to guests and others (such as cleaners or maintenance providers) to control who is entering or leaving the property with real-time activity notifications.”  

Second, an Airbnb property owner or host, can benefit from the Video Doorbell (where applicable). A Video Doorbell allow property hosts to monitor and control the number of people that are accessing the property, especially when they are not physically present at the location. This is also important when additional fees are charged for extra guests.   

Furthermore, in the event guests loses or forgets their access code, they can simply press the Video Doorbell which will give the individuals real-time, two-way audio (and one-way video) communication with the property owner or host. This will allow the owner/host to conveniently unlock doors and/or assign new access codes remotely from anywhere. 

ISS Security Solutions video monitoring integrates seamlessly to our Smart Platform. This is essential because it includes Alarm, Motion and Sensor – triggered video recording clips. The recorded video clips are then sent to the owner/host as the events occurs in real-time notifications. The benefits can be priceless.  

Third, and finally, a “Smart Security Camera is a nice touch if you wish to monitor the front or back of your property.”  

These three pieces of hardware (video doorbell, smart security lock and smart security camera) are but a few of the essential technology hardware and software tools used by ISS Security Solutions to help Airbnb property owners and hosts to monitor and control their properties.  When configured correctly with Alarm, Motion and Sensor, the smart security solution supports the monitoring of real-time activities — and will notify owners and hosts in real-time with recorded video clips.  

Browne adds, “ISS Security Solutions and our partners have experienced tremendous success with securing residential and commercial property owners throughout Canada and the United States.  We are so excited to expand our Smart Security solutions to include Caribbean property owners with the launch of The SmartStore Jamaica, an ISS Security Solutions brand.”  

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