Stunning Image-Based Bedtime Story Glowing Ocean Now Available On Amazon

Glowing Ocean is a visually beautiful and inspiring bedtime story that encourages the mind to dream and the heart to reach for the stars.

Amazon is pleased to announce Jennah Lenae debut children’s book Glowing Ocean is now available on their platform. The new children’s eBook is an image-based book with stunning pictures from the authors glowing painting series.

Glowing Ocean which will soon be available as a paperback version has been described as a bedtime story that will encourage the mind to dream and the heart to reach the stars. The ocean which covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface has always been a mystery since the days when Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain 1492 to Asia. It safeguards so many secrets but at the same time provides some of the most stunning scenery on the planet.

Artist and author Jannah Lenae decided to turn her glowing painting series into one of the most remarkable image-based children’s books of 2020. Although there is no character-led story, the story is the paintings that scream out a thousand words.

Each picture in the book will take the reader on a magical discovery of the ocean. It will allow their mind to explore, imagine being there in the painting and what it would be like. The ocean has so many magical sea creatures gliding through the water. Imagine a jellyfish dancing on top of his tongue, imagine a fish dancing or bullfrogs chasing flies. This book will provide that imagination and allow children to be taken to a world of freedom.

When asked the idea behind the book, Lenae replied: “I wrote the book because, during my time as a painter and instructor I have found a large and positive response from younger children especially in the sensory community towards my UV artwork. This prompted me to turn my painting images into a children’s book.”

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About Jennah Lenae

Jennah Lenae is an Artist, Author, and Paint Instructor living in upstate NY. Growing up in rural New York has given her an appreciation of animals and nature because of this appreciation most of her work is deeply inspired by nature. As a Painter, she creates high contrast pieces that bring additional and interesting experiences for the viewer through the use of glow in the dark and UV reactive pigments. Through her teaching activities and interactions, she discovered that young students were very engaged by the extra components of glow art and painterly illustrative styles. This experience inspired her to jump into the literary world of children’s stories with her 1st book Glowing Ocean. Glowing Ocean is designed to inspire the imagination of the big and beautiful ocean world.

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