Premiere: Talented Dark Pop Artist AMARA Releases NOWHERE Music Video To Audiences Worldwide

17 February, 2020 – Amara, an emerging artist in the dark-pop and R&B scenes, has debuted her long-anticipated NOWHERE music video. The popular music video, released to fans worldwide on February 11, follows the successful debut of her hit single, NOWHERE, to fans last month.

The new hit music video, filmed on-location in the scenic Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, stars Amara and guest actor Dillon Weishuhn. Throughout the full-length video, follow beautiful videography that takes listeners through the passionate relationship featured in the song, and which portrays powerful rushes of lust, coldness, and distance in the thrills of a rollercoaster relationship on a path of destruction. 

Recorded at Unique Recording Studios and produced by Shane Anderson and Unique Records Music, the NOWHERE music video features professional videography by Frontman Media, with video direction by Frontman Media, Shane Anderson, Collin Jacka, and Amara herself.

“I wanted the music video for NOWHERE to have a cinematic feel as if one was watching a full-length movie in just four minutes,” Amara remarks. “I am in love with nature, and so my goal was to capture the story of this push-and-pull relationship in the middle of a beautifully desolate landscape. I knew Joshua Tree would nail the symbolism of the struggle one feels when they experience this type of relationship. The surroundings are beautiful, yet the road is desolate, and the consequences are apparent. Alas, we’re along for the ride regardless of knowing where it will end.”

Released on February 11, 2020, at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time, Amara’s new hit music video is live on YouTube. The single itself remains available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon, and continues to earn international acclaim. 

In her NOWHERE music video, Amara takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster that triggers deep, personal feelings of lust, love, and loss. A powerful portrayal of her hit single, Amara, the world’s latest breakout star on the indie pop and R&B scenes, pushes boundaries to tell an artistic story full of powerful symbolism and emotional triggers.

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About Amara

An eclectic pop singer and songwriter, Amara was born in Hawaii and raised in Michigan, Washington, and California. She has seen many landscapes, which have attributed to her vagabond state of mind and diverse nature. Exposed to music from eight years old, she pursued songwriting in Los Angeles before acquiring several television placements. Losing her sister to the acts of a drunk driver in 2018, this personal tragedy shifted her perspective and pushed her to pursue her own artistry and dreams. Since that day, Amara has been pursuing her artistry full force and with a deeper focus and significance than ever before.

With musical influences across every genre, Amara’s songwriting style has an eclectic sound that is as diverse as her multicultural background. While writing her debut EP, Amara gravitated toward minor chord progressions and melodies with darker tones. Having been through her share of ups and downs in life, she reflects on her personal encounters with loss, heartache and a struggling state of mind, and finds peace when writing about her darker side to acknowledge and move past her struggles. Amara refers to music as the best form of therapy and hopes her music will resonate with listeners worldwide. To connect with Amara online, please visit on Instagram.

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