HNX Network: Next generation chat payment application on blockchain with enterprise level scalability


For more than two years, there have been various forms of development on how to come about with the WeChat of blockchain. One where funds can easily be transferred while chatting one to one or chatting in some kind of social group setting. The entire data are all protected by an inter planetary file system and as a result, there is no room for any kind of data breach.

There is currently no robust and fast social media platform that has the settings through which funds can be sent by chatting or in a group chat setting. And even the current systems with such attributes operate at a very slow speed and as such,  it minimizes an optimum experience including the well known traditional apps that offers chat payment and are well associated and vulnerable to data breaches and hacks. HNX network app has come up with the very best solution to this by engaging and running on the EOS blockchain with a block time of 0.5 seconds which gives us the opportunity to send and receive money through chat as fast as just a ping. One major question on the mind of potential users would be the level of security of having to do transactions through chats. With the HNX network app, the security is enhanced through the use of the data running IPFS which enables the storage of these data in a decentralized server that is distributed in order not to have a liability of data breach. With this, users can send and receive money to and from anyone on the app, whether it is a one on  one chat or a group chat platform. This has greatly increased the ease of chatting and making transactions by combining both payments and chatting into one powerfully robust app.

Benefits of HNX network app for the users

  • HNX network app has an enhanced funds security
  • HNX network app is very fast
  • The account opened on HNX is uncofiscatable
  • Signing up to HNX is easy, free and fast
  • HNX app allows major chatting
  • HNX has protection for major network downtime
  • HNX has secured data biometrics.
  • Benefits of HNX network app for the investors
  • Liquidity
  • HNX has a low risk
  • HNX has a tax advantage
  • HNX gives a wider and free-market investment
  • HNX has high growth rate potential
  • HNX also has high RDI

There are three major areas where the HNX token can be used in the ecosystem. The HNX token can be used in the HNX peer to peer chat system where funds can be requested or sent in a one on one chat. HNX token can also be used in a group chat where funds can be sent to a group or individuals in a group setting. Finally, HNX has a wallet system that would be required for listing new tokens in the chat application. HNX operates on an advanced Al due diligence whereby, users are made to undergo strict due diligence so as to be sure that the funds are inter associated with the actual users and there are no vulnerabilities that could lead to funding loss,  account hack or account breach. The advanced Al diligence is divided into four:

  1. Al module that is stipulated to certify the EOS blockchain with the requirements of the right key pairs for the users.
  2. The use of Biometric metahash traversing on IPFS to ensure the authenticity of biometric device agnostics
  3. The HNX due diligence operates an account duplication due diligence with Al which is used to ensure that the account of a single user is in use.
  4. Lastly, is a finalized report cross due to diligence verification.

The topic of how genuine and secured the HNX app is,  is one that cannot be overemphasized, with a large user base and company shares, HNX has enormous scaling possibilities coupled with a potential 3 millionaires worldwide users penetration which has already been done and the process is underway and the entry into over 3 billion people that are going 4th o switch into blockchanized social media payment services.

HNX network app has various sources for profit-making,  ranging from the micro transactional fees,  the income from listing payments for added coin support, the possibility of membership fees after there has been a massive acquisition by users and there HNX market-making spread return.

Some of the reasons why you should consider being an investor in the HNX network app is,  in 2018, $1.5 trillion was invested in the infrastructure of social media app worldwide, over $6 trillion would still be invested into social media app infrastructure over the next ten years, more than 120 countries are looking forward to joining the space and more than 3 billion people worldwide are involved in the social media chat payment system between now and in the next ten years. 

The HNX decentralized application is developed on an EOS blockchain and it is constructed and designed in such a way that it is the best-known app to replace and disrupt the traditional and already known ways of human social interactions and transactions over social media networks. The HNX is a platform that is entirely transparent and secured,  it is a platform where a user can provide help for another user and get rewarded for the help they provided. When talking about the future of human interaction over the internet, HNX is the real evolution. With the new development of blockchain technology coupled with the trust gotten from smart contracts, the HNX is giving back to every human the deserved control and rewards for their efforts. In a time such as this where humanity is faced with the great opportunity of making use of technology to the advantage of every human, the HNX network app is bringing the dream closer to being a reality. With the HNX App, users are guaranteed to getting back control and doing transactions with ease while chatting on a social media and on a one on one chat or group as required by the users, without the interference or monetized control of cooperations.

The HNX app leverages the real power of communications and people, the information that each individual possesses, the HNX app is giving everyone a means to design dynamic and less reactive method of funds paid through the app. The HNX app is built from the word “GO” over the human network to facilitate human interaction which it incentivizes. The HNX app is a self-sustaining dynamic content ecosystem where community is in full control and does transactions decentralized.

How to get started on the HNX network app

Download the HNX network app from the App Store, open the App and click on sign up to create the EOS account name, this will prompt you to save the credentials, ensure you save the credentials, close the app and reopen for signing in,  copy the credentials and fill it in to sign in, after sign in, add public contact and start chatting. To send money, on the chatbox,  type send ‘amount’ to the recipient username, the system will pop up a message asking for confirmation on the transaction you are about to make,  click OK and the transaction would be carried out. You can check the payment details on the left side of the screen. You can also request for token through chat by request amount from the senders’ username, for example, request $1 from hnxapp54, when you click send,  the same pop-up message that appeared for confirmation while trying to send money will appear now when you click OK, the request would be sent.

HNX network app puts the entire power of EOS in your pocket. It is a combination of peer to peer messenger, decentralized crypto wallet and browser. The HNX network app is a very safe and secure method of doing cryptocurrency transactions while chatting. The secured chatting and transactions app entails the private, public and group chat system. With the HNX network app, it is easy to become a member of any public channel or simply start up a private chat on a one on one discussion or in a group chat system and money can be sent and received directly in the private chat session with no downtime and with ease and security is assured. The HNX network app also has a safe wallet system, with the exclusion of intermediaries, the user is in absolute control of their cryptocurrency funds and no middle man or intermediary has to access to your funds. The HNX network app has a wallet system that integrates alongside the browser and the messenger which enables the user to interact with the peers and the decentralized apps. However, every transaction requires the verification of a phase called the signing phase which is there to protect the user from hacks and account breaches.

The HNX network app is an entirely open source app and it is made up of contributors in the entire world, everyone in the system has free and open access to the information, assets, and repost of the app and nothing is hidden from the users or investors in the HNX network app platform.

The major principles of the HNX network app is a platform that firmly stands for the cause of liberty by maximizing political, social and economic growth with an enabling environment for the free flow of information without any of it content being under surveillance, it is a social app that strongly abides by the cryptocurrency economic design principle with an even stronger status for information in an agnostic platform. It is a very secured platform and for no reason will the security of the HNX network app be compromised, with the use of new methods and recent technologies to make sure the security of the platform is guaranteed. The entire privacy of the platform is the backbone of the HNX network app. For the HNX network app, it is very necessary to protect the privacy of it, users, for both transactions and communications, the anonymity of the HNX network app platform is greatly protected.

The HNX app can as well boast of transparency, with total openness and a complete symmetry of information within the ecosystem, the HNX network app has no boundaries between the core contributors and the users, the app and its team are straightforward about their achievement and short comings. The HNX app is a public friendly application because it can be accessed for free by the general public and it has an open-source license, for the general public to share, benefit or even modify without any permission, that is the kind of participation the HNX app platform promotes and operates on. The decentralization of the HNX network app minimizes centralized authority on the HNX network app software and the organization it operates under. This means that the number of systems composing the network is increased and the individuals have all the access to the system

The HNX network app operates fair and widespread software access which also entails a very easy to use platform which extends to a social inclusive app. The software created by the HNX platform shall continue to be improved and it will exist without any interference or any politics of its team members. The resourcefulness of the HNX network app is a very admirable feat. The platform is dedicated to protecting its users and investors from bureaucracy and inefficiency that may be within the ecosystem. In order words, the HNX network app has a system put in place to solve complex problems in a very effective way at a very low economic cost,  which can be classified in terms of time, capital and any resources that might be at stake.

The HNX network app is dedicated to completely bringing about ease to its users and the investors. Be it chatting and making transactions fastest way possible on blockchain as well as its security is the best in the crypto industry and we strive to further push the boundaries of blockchain through HNX.

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