Justin Bieber’s Changes has been popular with QQ music users, giving a phenomenal performance

On valentine’s day of 2020, Justin Bieber’s new album Changes went live in China, becoming a major topic of discussion among fans in China. On QQ music, China’s leading streaming music platform, Changes has become the first DIAMOND certified digital album in 2020, and Justin Bieber has aslo become the first male English singer to obtain this certification.

On twitter, Justin Bieber personally thanked Changes for it’s good performance in QQ music, himself also came to QQ music review area to communicate with Chinese fans, Coupled with the donation to Wuhan a few days ago, he firmly grasped the eyes of Chinese fans.

As a record of Justin Bieber’s transformation, Changes was created by Justin Bieber,and his musical friends Poo Bear, Ashley Boyd, boi-1da, Quavo and other musicians. In a futuristic r&b-pop style, Changes has made Justin Bieber shine bright once again.

The popularity of the new album in China is also closely related to the high-quality European and American music atmosphere that QQ music has.Billions of users gather in QQ music to meet their European and American music needs, and continue to find personalized, high-quality European and American music. It can be said that QQ music has become a western music “indicator” for Chinese fans,

Based on the good atmosphere, as well as the good welfare of the platform, more and more European and American singers choose to release new albums in QQ music. In 2019, Taylor Swift’s new album Lover has sold more than 14.2 million songs on QQ music, far more than any other music platform in China. Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and other well-known singers also regard QQ music as their preferred platform for releasing songs in China.

It is believed that with the help of QQ music, Justin Bieber will continue his outstanding music career in China, recording his Changes and creating another musical miracle.

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