Suggests Purchasing a Generic for Lexapro for a Fraction of the Price Suggests Purchasing a Generic for Lexapro for a Fraction of the Price

Depression is a common condition that may be effectively treated with medication. Some people with depression try several medications before they find the one that works best for them. When they do find the best option, symptoms typically decrease and the feelings of sadness, unworthiness, and loss of interest in once enjoyable activities are no longer apparent. There are quite a few medications on the market that treat depression, and each of them works a little differently. They also vary in cost.

Prescription Prices

The cost of prescription medication is sometimes a barrier for a person with depression. Without insurance, it could cost hundreds of dollars per month for treatment. Many insurance policies today either don’t have prescription drug coverage or have a large deductible that must be met prior to getting any coverage for medication. Unfortunately, far too many people fall into this category and feel they have to suffer from depression on their own. According to, a generic form of the medication is available for a much lower price. 

Generic versus Name-brand Drugs

It’s easy to be skeptical of generic products. After all, generics aren’t always equivalent when it comes to food and household products. However, unlike a generic can of soup, generic drugs have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. This doesn’t mean they are the same as the name-brand drug. Generic drugs are required to have the same chemical makeup, but the FDA does allow a 20% variance. The good news is, patients can expect their generic medication to be much closer to the original than that. A variance of around 4% is common in the industry, and that is more likely to be related to inactive ingredients.

How to Get Low-Priced Medication

Those who cannot afford their medication are not likely to take it as prescribed. After all, when they must make a choice between treating their depression and having a roof over their head, the average person is going to choose their most basic needs. Fortunately, generic medications are available for many prescriptions, and patients can click this for more information. Some pharmacists offer them automatically to help patients save money.  Instead of going without depression medication due to the cost, it’s important to talk to the pharmacist about options. Mental health is just as important as physical health. 

Some companies, such as  Blink Health may offer a free program to help people spend even less on their medications.

Escitalopram: What you need to know is that this medication has been used to treat depression since 2002. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. As with any prescription medication, it’s important to review the side effects prior to beginning a regimen. Although name-brand and generic medications are very similar, the side effects may be different for a generic due to the inactive ingredients. Pharmacists are often the best resource for information about drug interactions, side effects, and differences between generic and name-brand medications. By filling all prescriptions at the same pharmacy, patients can be sure they receive the necessary information when they need it. 

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