LuLu Lotus Amazes the World with Split Tongue, Recycled Rock Wall and Vegan Compassion

February 17, 2020 – LuLu Lotus is fast becoming a phenomenon for many reasons. She is an author, an emerging YouTuber with creative ideas, a single mom of two kids with exceptional screen presence, and… she also has a split tongue.

Lulu Lotus on Instagram is what the platform is made for – exceptional lives and ideas lived by real people who will never fail to amuse and inspire. LuLu Lotus is also like any other mom with two growing kids. So what puts her apart from the rest?

The video that is arousing great admiration of late is that of LuLu Lotus creating a recycled rock wall at home by using nothing but plastics! That’s right, and the video shows how to turn 5,000 ordinary plastics bags of various colors into colorful pieces of rock that one can then nail on the wall and make a rock wall like no other.

Watch the famous rock wall with plastic bags video:

This video alone would have made LuLu Lotus famous, but she has other secrets to share. She also has a split tongue to surprise viewers. These photos and videos too have attracted a great deal of attention on social media.

Among her books are ‘Kiss or Cook’ and ‘Free or Force’. As a strict vegan, LuLu Lotus shows children what’s good to eat and what’s good to kiss, and nurture compassion for all living creatures. She considers all children to be naturally compassionate. The colorfully illustrated book amply reveals her background in art. In ‘Free or Force’, the author advocates the compassionate lifestyle for everyone, and shows the difference between a natural environment of a species and one built for entertainment. 

Born in Baghdad, LuLu Lotus immigrated to Canada at the age of two, and explored her interests in writing, drawing and teaching children. Her first book was written in a women’s shelter where she was lodged up with her two sons after leaving an abusive husband.

LuLu Lotus has more surprises in store on her social media pages: updates, giveaways and new and creative ideas.

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