MMAP Magazine is the Magazine That Helps One MMAP Their Success

MMAP Magazine is the Magazine That Helps One MMAP Their Success
MMAP Magazine is a publication that allows subscribers to help themselves, and other success seekers to reach their goals. With a variety of topics, projects to donate to, as well as a wide array of knowledge and tips, MMAP Magazine is able to help assist any individual reach their long-term goals.

Henderson, NC – MMAP Magazine is a publication for the serious success seeker. The goal of the magazine is to assist entrepreneurs and others in finding and developing their true success mindset. The team within MMAP Magazine, along with the Masters of Mind Alliance, create dynamic business opportunities that are designed to be long-lasting and future growth-oriented. MMAP Magazine’s MMAP principle assures that those who join the MMAP community will do better in their future endeavors. 

MMAP Magazine was started by Michaelson Williams, an entrepreneur, author, and critical thinker. Michaelson Williams applied a unique philosophy and psychology when thinking about success, which has made MMAP Magazine so unique and beneficial to its readers. Michaelson Williams possesses various degrees and professional certificates from business, martial arts, personal training, and security contracting which has provided him with a broad perspective on how individuals and the human mind react to pressure when dealing with success and failure. Michaelson Williams continues to further his knowledge and understanding of various topics to further influence subscribers so that they can live by MMAP Magazine’s slogan, “MMAP Your World.” 

Within MMAP Magazine, subscribers are exposed to a variety of content that is aimed to make their own life and the lives of their families better. With blogs regarding new investment alternatives, revenue sharing, health and fitness tips, positive mind mapping techniques and more, the reader exposes themselves to material that is fully designed and written to enhance their life. MMAP Magazine and the content provided not only focuses on short-term gains but also allows the reader to focus more on the long-term impact of their energy, as well as the impact it can have on everyone around them. 

In order to assist MMAP Magazine to move into the future, individuals are able to donate to their organization. MMAP Magazine develops itself by creating profitable projects through a due diligence process. After it has been properly processed and developed over time, it is presented as a viable CFCR venture (Crowd Funded, Crowd Rewarded). When an individual donates, they become a CFCR community member and eventually get a piece of the profit share after the project has been fully developed and launched. As MMAP Magazine’s projects grow, so does one’s profit returns. With projects to donate to such as Brand Building, Mind Mastering Activation Program, Happi Bean Dream and more, there is something that everyone in the CFCR community can find pride in donating to. 

MMAP Magazine is headquartered at 262 Gholson Ave., Henderson, NC 27536. Contact their team via phone at 919-744-0442 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding MMAP Magazine, their various projects or how to become a member of the CFCR community, visit their website.

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