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Granite Northwest Grading and Paving is an established paving contractor serving San Jose, California, and its surrounding areas. This family-owned and operated company has been in business for three decades and delivers quality work on projects, big and small.

According to announcements released by Granite Northwest Grading and Paving, and Zack West, the company is a family-run operation with a collective work experience of more than 100 years. This San Jose asphalt paving company offers grading, sealing, and striping services for parking lots, driveways, etc. It is also a trusted contractor for paving new roads.

According to sources, Granite Northwest has developed a reputation for being a customer-centric company that delivers exactly what the customers want without any unpleasant additions or lapses that necessitate extra work. The company owns the equipment it works with, which helps it in keeping costs low. The customer’s budget is respected, and the best solutions within a given budget are recommended. Asphalt is a highly hard-wearing material that does not degrade easily, even when used for heavy vehicles. It does not require the regular and costly maintenance that other surfaces demand. Asphalt is an extremely affordable paving material for resurfacing sidewalks, roads, parking lots, etc. It is also an environment-friendly material because of its recyclability. Businesses can depend on Granite Northwest Grading and Paving to use quality materials for paving new roads that connect the business with its customers. Be it a short side road or a more detailed project, the company meticulously plans for the work to eliminate waste and complete the job on time.  

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Zack Stanley of Granite Northwest Grading and Paving said, “Don’t put up with an old gravel path or worn-out road anymore. We pave new roadways that allow you to move around easier and without the annoying bumps and dips. With the help of our road paving contractor in San Jose, California, you improve your area instantly. We connect you to the surrounding area to increase the traffic flow to and from your property. Depend on Granite Northwest Grading & Paving Company to deliver new road paving quickly and up to the highest standards.

Along with building all new roads, we also restore current ones. Our road surfacing contractor brings new life back to older patches that aren’t performing up to the task. If you have heavy-duty trucks constantly driving back and forth, we help maintain your road’s integrity. You won’t have to worry about large cracks or holes when you sign up with our road paving company.”

On the need for asphalt grading, Stanley said, “If your surface has the wrong slope, you could be facing costly damage in the future. Uneven areas cause too much strain on certain parts while leaving others alone. This creates cracks and breaks to appear much more frequently, leading to constant repairs. Avoid the trouble altogether by depending on our asphalt grading company. We adjust the slope of your surface to evenly distribute the normal wear and tear. This helps to prevent costly damage in the future. It’s easy to spot subpar asphalt grading. Every time it rains, puddles of water pool in certain areas. Maybe the area floods even though it didn’t rain much. Our skilled contractors have the experience needed to design and implement effective asphalt grading. We direct water away from your surface towards drainage areas, maintaining the safety of your surface for drivers and pedestrians.”

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