WHBANK and PAZ Foundation host Spain Meetup in March

WHBANK and PAZ Foundation host Spain Meetup in March

The PAZ Foundation which is in charge of the blockchain project of the international organization OMPP / WOFP, and the International Bank WHBANK, will host the joint Meetup in Spain on March 2nd. This meetup will be held at Casino de Madrid with the support of OMPP / WOFP, making the event even more important and smooth.

The Meetup Place, “Casino de Madrid”, is a Spanish national heritage founded in 1836. It is famous for being one of Spain’s most beautiful conference halls used for major announcements and visits by the King of Spain. In particular, it is used for major launching events of international banks and international financial companies such as Santander, BBVA, Barclay, etc.

Paz Systems, the first block chain remittance platform that has been collaborated with international banks and officially accredited by international organizations, will hold a meetup at the Spanish state-owned “Casino de Madrid.” It is getting a lot of attention and expectation from the media and business people.

Also, the relationship between the WHBANK and AIIB (Asia Infra Investment Bank) and international remittance method using the PAZ system will be discussed about the intercontinental mega railway project, which is one of the projects of OMPP / WOFP and WHBANK. WHBANK’s role in the construction of the mega railways and 12 years of work by Carlos Peralta, president of OMPP /  OFP, will be introduced.

The OMPP/WOFP’s not only ambitious but also large-scale rail project penetrates economically needy areas. It is a win-win program based on the desire for world peace. The PAZ System, which is an optimal solution for transportation, distribution and payment  emittance for local development, resources, grains, etc., is introduced first.

WHBANK’s International Bank enrolls a role as a data financial institution on poverty and its integration with the PAZ System, WHBANK, and BRICs (new growth engines in the world economy, including Brazil, Russia, India, and China). Other roles will be introduced, as well as the role and progress of hospitals and healing facilities, which will be announced by Carlos Tello, president of WHBANK.

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