2020 JRFootball will force YOKEY to expand into the global market

With the progress of the age and science and technology, the analysis and application of big data has gradually penetrated into every field of the society. Especially with the continuous development of football, the introduction of big data analysis has become essential for the development and improvement of high-level teams. At the same time, the application of big data analysis is also going deep into all aspects of the field of football. For football clubs, big data can be used to realize the technical and tactical analysis of the teams and the prospective research of the opponents;  For sports investors, big data can provide users with real-time data, historical statistical analysis, hundred odds, intelligence analysis of advantages and disadvantages and other data to improve the return on investment.

After two years of precipitation for big data processing of sports, YOKEY has mastered the mature and perfect sports data support technology; YOKEY is a company focused on software, data and technology, according to the data. Its business covers data information service, event analysis service, professional sports service, real-time data game, sports investment and other business levels, covering a large number of B-end users around the world.

In addition, YOKEY’s flagship product, JRFOOTBALL, is the first AI-based sports investment brand, it relies on YOKEY mature sports event database, through the big football game data analysis, based on the quantitative analysis application of sports big data and combined with the human intelligence information of many “football intelligence personnel” around the world, the low-risk events are selected for the participation of sports investors from more than 450 football events at all levels and nearly 60,000 matches around the world.

JR Football platform has been developed for two years and gained a good reputation in the sports investment market. In 2020, JR will accelerate the promotion and drive the scale of the whole company. A blockbuster marketing plan will be launched in the near future to further ignite the market. People familiar with the matter said the marketing plan will bring JR a large number of global C-terminal users, which will play a crucial role in the future listing plan of YOKEY company. 

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