Shajeel, a Talented Artist, Launches His ‘Red Lips Art’ in New York

Shajeel Rehman is ready to launch his new masterpiece in 2020, which will be held in one of the biggest art galleries in New York. Shajeel Ur Rehman, has caught the attention of global supporters of feminine gender.

Inspired by an incident over half a century ago, Red Lips Art is committed to promoting overall well-being for the feminine gender. The Red lips art is in the memory of those beautiful hearts that lost their lives in the hands of the accused Serial lipstick Killer in Chicago. At the young age of seventeen, the murderer killed three beautiful hearts and wrote notorious messages scrawled in lipstick at the crime scene. Those messages inspired Shajeel ur Rehman to portray this phenomenon in his paintings. Yet another headline makes its way to the frontpage of the national newspaper. “Woman alone on the streets at night assaulted.” This is just another regular news, with all the objectivity that the story demands. All the facts and statements covered. Whereas, in a middle-class household, on the breakfast table, as the head of the family starts reading the newspaper, he falls silent at the word ‘assaulted’. Why? Because it’s a taboo to be discussed in front of his wife and kids. But what he discusses in front of his family is the fact that the girl was alone on the streets at night.

The artist hopes that the public can focus on the deeply embedded roots of patriarchy. The hold of patriarchy on this society is immemorial. It has existed for such a long time that its roots are embedded so deep that it has become a norm and is being passed on to generations after generations without a question or doubt. People have become so innate to oppression that they don’t pay any heed to it since the idea has been normalized in all these years. So much so, that an unopinionated woman is the perfect woman as per the social standards. An Asian female is perceived as a person without an individual voice, who needs male validation from her choice of clothes to her career.

On the other side, media is no better when it comes to the portrayal of women. The dynamics have been changing gradually, but still there are many loopholes. From women appearing in a men’s shaving kit advertisement to displaying famous female entities in unsophisticated way to run campaigns in the mainstream print medium, women are still being objectified. Media works as a coin when it comes to women empowerment. One side supports the idea by highlighting the achievements of strong women. And the other side; the ugly side of it, gives people reasons to think that a woman is the sole responsible for her lost dignity. The perception of a person is developed at a very early age and media plays a very important role in affirming it further by portraying women as nothing but objects of male satisfaction.

The visionary artist Shajeel has a soft corner for women all around the world and understands these issues like nothing else. He is the man with a loving soul in the world full of beasts. This immensely talented artist, painted a portrait of how a society views woman as merely sexual objects. Female oppression is not just a trend but a lifelong fashion in a society which breathes on the command of Patriarchy.

The position and portrayal of women in the society seems like a bittersweet symphony in this age specially. The determination to get equal rights and breaking the chains those were holding these empowered women back for ages, is slowly but steady. But there is a lot that needs to be changed. This is what Shajeel hopes to bring to the public through his artwork.

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