BitTok invited to attend Turkish Blockchain Economy conference

From February 20-21, 2020, Singapore time, the second largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia and Europe will be held in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, with more than 60 countries on site. With local guests, BitTok was invited to become the core exhibitor of this conference.


BitTok ( is a global cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Singapore. Committed to providing safe, convenient, professional and high-quality digital asset financial services for global users. The platform currently serves users in dozens of countries and regions. The core function integrates storage, transaction, and appreciation. It is an essential digital asset “smart housekeeper” for individual and institutional investors. The invitation to participate in the Blockchain Economy conference is enough to highlight the important position of BitTok in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This is also another highlight time for BitTok after the important conferences in Singapore, Indonesia, Malta and other places.


Entering 2020, the world economic is constantly changing, trade between China and the West will develop in a better way, and trade volume will continue to increase. Digital currencies play a very important role as a link between China and the West. The heavyweight guests who participated in this summit include John McAfee, world famous entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate; Tom LEE, well-known Wall Street analyst and Nicolas Cary, co-founder of At that time, BitTok will have wonderful discussions with experts, scholars and industry elites worldwide around the topic of blockchain and digital currencies.

BitTok has maintained a good user reputation since the platform was created, and has been favored by many high-quality projects. It has also built super nodes in countries and regions including Europe, the United States, and Asia, relying on Southeast Asian operation centers. On the one hand, participation in the Turkish Blockchain Economy conference is to better demonstrate the high-quality service of BitTok to users around the world and seek cooperation. On the other hand, it is also to feedback users and strengthen the community construction of local nodes.

In the future, BitTok platform will provide a more convenient and open cooperation model to build an efficient, transparent, fair and win-win global digital asset trading ecosystem.

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