Alpharetta, GA Martial Arts School Helps Children Being Bullied With Bully Prevention Course – Crabapple Martial Arts Academy.

Bully Prevention in Alpharetta, GA is a priority at Crabapple Martial Arts Academy. The Martial Arts Academy based at 12315 Crabapple Rd Alpharetta GA 30004 is giving kids the skills to deal with Bullies.

Anyone who has been bullied in Georgia knows how distressing it can be and how it can change a child’s life. According to mental health experts being bullied as a child can have a profound impact on their future. One man who wants to put a stop to bullying in Georgia is Renshi C. Matthew, a martial arts instructor and owner of Alpharetta, GA Martial Arts school, Crabapple Martial Arts Academy.

Renshi C. Matthew has set up an anti-bullying program to provide young people with the skills, emotional strength, confidence and self-defense skills to deal with aggressive or inappropriate behavior. Children will not only learn important martial arts and self-defense skills; they will also learn leadership skills and have their confidence built and feel empowered.

The classes which continue to receive five-star reviews are helping to reduce the number of bullying incidents in Alpharetta.

“Martial arts is a great way to give children self-confidence and provide them the ability to say no to bullies and peer pressure,” Renshi C. Matthew explained.

The martial arts classes provide young people with important skills where they can stand up to bullies. With the added confidence they have gained, they will become less of a target for bullies.

The bullying prevention program skills that children will learn can be carried on into adult life. Parents who have sent their children onto the course have said they have noticed a huge difference. They have found their children to be more confident and more assertive as well as having stronger leadership skills.

The Crabapple Martial Arts Academy, which offers a 30-day free trial also runs martial atrial arts classes for adults, martial arts classes for children, and martial arts birthday parties.

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With over 25 years of Martial Arts, Law Enforcement, and Teaching experience, Renshi C. Matthew White brings a modern approach to wellness, character development, and self-defense training.

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