Integrity Credit promotes finance with technology and provides financial services to global customers

The Integrity Credit lending platform for India region (Whatapp: +85259137844) was officially launched in February 2020 and has spread to more than 100 cities and 20 rural areas around the world.

In February 2020, Integrity Credit lending platform was revamped and launched. Due to the global disaster of 2020, the Integrity Credit operates as a form of home office. Especially in India, the most populous country in southeast Asia, the impact of the locust plague has been devastating. Due to this situation, Integrity Credit has developed an Indian-language platform for Indian region ( to help users around the world get over the financial crisis. 

At present, there are too many personal loan platforms with different levels, and users are troubled by these choices. In fact, users can select a reliable platform by:

Whether the relevant lender of the loan platform is qualified to lend;

Whether the loan interest rate proposed by the loan platform complies with the law;

Whether the loan platform is lenient to the borrower;

Whether the loan platform involves violent collection and other comprehensive circumstances. 

Integrity Credit is a leading fintech platform that promotes financial innovation through technology and provides efficient and convenient personal loan debt counseling services to users all over the world. It strictly abides by SEC regulations. The annual financial report of Integrity Credit is open and transparent, and its data is also authentic and reliable. The team of Integrity Credit has 12 years of professional risk control experience, rigorous credit evaluation and verification system. So far, they have accumulated plenty of anti-fraud experience. Its online and offline lending services are available in more than 100 cities and 20 rural locations around the world now. 

Whether it’s a global disaster or a long-term need, Integrity Credit will provide you with sufficient funding:

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