Founder of Lilia Redemption Foundation, Dr. Dinah Mansour Helped More Than 10,000 children escape Human trafficking

São Paulo, Brazil – Lilia Redemption Foundation today announced it helped more than 10,000 children across South America and the Middle East youth (ages 2-12) escape Human trafficking and gain the knowledge, skills and credentials to succeed in school, work and life. Lilia invested in or led efforts to serve small children imprisoned in their homes and those who were rescued from undisclosed areas, ensuring that they received necessary medical care and training for success in school and ultimately the workplace to set them up for productive futures.

“The Lilia Snapshot demonstrates our progress against some of society’s toughest problems that prevent young people from gaining the skills and training they need to be relevant, get on a healthy life track and secure successful futures,” said Mary Shafik, Director of Lilia. “To make our children strong, to provide safe environments where everyone can thrive, we need to continue working together to ensure our children emerge in the workforce ready, physically, emotionally and psychologically to compete in the fast-changing world of work and aim for success.”

Lilia achieved the following results:

  • 3,863 affected children received primary medical care
  • 80 percent of children developed soft skills such as communication and time management
  • 86 percent maintained satisfactory or improved attendance
  • 52 percent of children ate, was provided new clothing, new habitats and on their way to becoming better and healthier.

Lilia also worked with volunteers, partner agencies and corporate partners to:

  • Advocate for 50 policies that promote children success at the local or international level.
  • Train thousands of staff in afterschool and summer programming, that provide middle and high school students supplemental resources, including mentoring, tutoring, academic enrichment in the arts and STEM subjects as well as exposure to college opportunities and career possibilities

For nearly 20 years, Founder and President, Dr. Dinah Mansour has been the force that brings together community leaders, across the world, organized labor, faith-based groups, corporations, non-profit organizations and governments. Lilia is a worldwide network dedicated to building a better life and stronger community for everyone, serving millions of children each year.

About Lilia Redemption Foundation

Lilia fights and rescues for the health, education and financial stability of every child caught in human trafficking in every community, in every parts of the world. Supported by volunteers and donors worldwide, Lilia is a privately funded non-profit. Lilia is engaged in 365 communities across more than 25 countries and territories worldwide to create sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our children.

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