Ontario Container Transport Maintains its Position as a Top Ocean Shipping Company in Canada

In the freight forwarding industry, choosing a logistics partner can make a big difference in the success of a business. However, many small and medium-sized businesses only look at freight shipping charges. While a freight fee is a good starting point, it is vital to analyze what a company is offering beyond the price. In other words, it is important to partner with a freight shipping company that is not only affordable but also provides the types of services that will ensure that the goods being shipped make it to the final destination safe and on time.

Ontario Container Transport (OTC) is a leading international freight shipping and transportation company, operating between Canada and the US. As a company that maintains its position as one of the top shipping companies Canadians can rely on for timely delivery and dynamic shipping options, Ontario Container Transport knows a thing or two about what makes a good freight shipping company.

“A good logistics partner needs to do more than get a shipment from one point to another,” says Ontario Container Transport’s spokesperson. “A good freight shipping company should take good care of every aspect of international shipping. An example of a worthwhile freight company is one that provides a wide range of freight options because it is an indication that the company has a vast network and connections. It is also critical to partner with a company that provides supply value-added services like cargo insurance and shipment tracking for enhanced efficiency.”  

What to Look For In a Good Freight Shipping Company

Freight customers should work with shipping carriers that provide:

  • Timely Response: The logistics team, the management, and other departments should be prompt with their processes. When establishing the creditworthiness of a customer, for instance, the accounts department should be proactive in processing the applications and making decisions.
  • Communication: A good company should have professional customer service agents that are always ready to answer all the questions or concerns that a customer may have. Customer service agents that provide ambiguous answers only make the shipping process less efficient.
  • Trustworthiness: A good freight shipping company is always honest and upfront—whether they have good or bad news for the customer. Covering up issues might paint a company negatively. So, when a shipping company’s answer is not what the customer expected, a good freight partner should be ready to work with such customers to resolve the issue and move in with other processes promptly.
  • On-time Delivery: The best freight partner is one that delivers goods to customers where and when they need them.

About Ontario Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport is a Canadian freight and container transportation company that offers a wide range of ocean freight solutions, including specialty containers, expedited shipment services, premium packaging, and handling services among others. OTC boasts a vast network of intermodal freight services, allowing them to customize shipping routes and offer better prices as well as more flexible delivery schedules for their customers.

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