Mango Studios is helping Toronto Couples Save on Wedding Photography Costs with Customized Packages

Wedding photography prices in Toronto varies a lot. As a ballpark, the cost of a professional wedding photographer range from $3000 to $8000. This variety of pricing can make it a bit confusing to compare wedding photographers and figure out the best price bracket to go for.

Generally, when it comes to the cost of wedding photography, there no definite price — it boils down to what is important to a couple. If one is looking for a few shots of the day for keepsake purposes, then a beginner photographer may suffice. However, when there is a need to capture the spirit of the day with professional shots that resonates with the interests of a couple, then a more experienced photographer (at a higher price bracket) might be a better option.

Mango Studios is committed to working with couples in Toronto to create affordable wedding photography packages based on their details, preferences, and needs of the day. They have been serving Toronto couples since 2004 and know a thing or two about wedding photography costs.

“The amount a couple should spend on a wedding photographer often depends on their budget,” says Nancy Govindji, co-director of the Mango studios. “There are several factors that go into wedding photography pricing, including the location of the photographer relative to the wedding venue, the experience of the photographer, what is included in a photo package, and the number of hours that one needs a photography service for among others. So, when it comes to saving on wedding photography, it is advisable to maximize one’s budget as much as possible to land a photographer that is experienced but affordable.”

Wedding Photography Saving Tips

While quality wedding photography often comes at higher price points, there are strategies couples can use to save:

  • Booking a photographer early — as early as 9 months to the wedding date. 
  • Hiring a local photographer: This can help cut travel fees and other hidden costs such as overnight lodging or gas
  • Hiring an emerging photographer
  • Taking advantage of referrals. Some photographers might offer referral discounts, so it is always important to mention this when negotiating for prices.
  • Doing off-seasons weddings (between November and March) tend to save a lot, including photography.
  • Negotiate and where possible, take smaller or more affordable photography packages. 

About Mango Studios

Mango Studios is a Toronto-based wedding photography agency that is dedicated to providing customized photography solutions to its clients. They understand that wedding photography is a big investment and go the extra mile to ensure that the photos reflect their clients’ personalities. Mango studios also value every relationship that they have with their clients. That’s why they believe that when a client invests in their photography service, they have a responsibility (as a company) to invest in the relationship as well. This has allowed the company to tell their clients’ unique stories via photography, providing them with a complete end-to-end boutique experience.

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