Vasarii presents the all-natural nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant, free from harmful toxins

Vasarii is a beauty products company that believes in creating all-natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. The company’s recently launched nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant has rapidly gained worldwide popularity for its all-natural formulation and effectiveness in curbing body odor. It’s a first of its kind, all-natural deodorant, free from harmful chemicals like silicone, aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium and has no artificial fragrances. Made with natural mineral salts, nakd. deodorant doesn’t clog pores, is hypoallergenic, non-staining and lasts up to 24 hours with a single swipe on skin.

“My wife and I made the switch around a few weeks back. I’m going to share this with a few friends and family and hopefully, they are convinced enough to give nakd. deodorant a try”, says one of the customers, while another one mentions in their feedback, “I’ve struggled for years finding a good natural deodorant. It makes sense now why the skin under my arms had been irritated. Seems like it was all the chemicals in my deodorant. I haven’t had any of these problems since switching to nakd!”.

While the market today is filled with thousands of deodorant brands, in a variety of fancy labels, scents, and shapes. Not many consumers know that they are filled with chemicals, minerals, oils, and fragrances that may be harmful to the skin and overall body. Most of the antiperspirant deodorants work by closing the pores on the skin which can result in a bumpy skin, rashes, and irritation. Since deodorants are classified by the FDA as cosmetics, they do not require testing on animals or humans but the antiperspirants are classified as drugs so they require to be tested.

nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant provides a better alternative to regular anti-odor cosmetics in the market. One has to remember that our body absorbs almost everything you put on it so it is necessary to be aware of what is applied to the body. nakd. deodorant is made from natural mineral salts, which has been used as a natural deodorant by the people of Thailand for hundreds of years. The natural deodorant stone from Thailand is presented in a convenient form through nakd. deodorant.

nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant provides effective protection from body odor for up to 24 hours. When nakd. deodorant is applied on moist or wet skin, a thin layer of salt is applied on the skin that neutralizes and prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odors, all without any harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. While the traditional deodorants have a tendency to leave stains on clothes due to their acidic antiperspirant ingredients, nakd. deodorant never leaves any stains. It dries instantly and leaves no white residue.

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