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Mooresville, USA – PlantingTree is one of the highly renowned plant nurseries in the USA that is defining the new standards of selling plants and trees. By shopping with PlantingTree, you can make choices like a connoisseur even if you are just a person who wishes to add some natural beauty to their home. PlantingTree makes this possible by providing all the vital information about a plant species to their customers that they might need in order to make the most out of their investment. PlantingTree is a family-owned business that makes sure each tree and plant is given equal love and affection before being packaged and shipped throughout the USA.

Plant Nursery

PlantingTree originated as a family-owned Nursery in the upstate New York. Later, the owners shifted to Lake Norman area of North Carolina where they grew their landscape installation division at Dala Casa Landscaping & Designs installing thousands of trees and shrubs at high-end residential properties. The owner of the company has a very vivid memory of his time as a kid. In his words: “When we were kids, we grew up working at our family-owned nursery in upstate New York. It was always important to make sure that the trees were in a perfect row and to discard the trees that we couldn’t put our name on. It was constant upkeep and the trees for sale were only sold locally to the homes that we landscaped. We were always asked by homeowners about getting more information about each plant or meeting them at the local garden centers to view some of the plants to see what they liked or disliked. We knew that there had to be a better way.” And this is how PlantingTree was born. A complete hub of plant-related knowledge where customers can make educated choices when shopping for trees and plants.

Plants for Sale

With the arrival of spring, the online garden nursery, PlantingTree, is excited to offer a 20% discount on the available plants if you reserve them for Spring 2020. This is an optimal time to book your plants and trees because by the time the spring season is in its full swing, your plants should be in your desired spot, thriving and growing beautifully. All of the plants and trees are inspected for health and quality before shipping. The company also ensures 100% satisfaction with its customers by replacing the damaged plants as early as possible. In the words of the owner: “Here at PlantingTree, we know what it takes to grow a healthy plant. We hand select each order and only choose the largest and best plants that will succeed in your landscape. Most other online plant nurseries only have tiny whip trees and small quart plants for sale. Our plants and trees for sale have developed root systems and are ready to plant at the sizes we specify. This greatly shortens the time it takes for your plants to establish and mature.”

Trees for Sale

PlantingTree has a huge variety of plants for their customers to select from. Some of the species include Privacy trees, Flowering trees, Shade trees, Evergreen trees, Dwarf trees, and Tropical trees. Furthermore, they also have House plants, Insect Repellent plants, Patio plants, Fruit trees, Blueberry bushes, and Flowering shrubs. The owner explains the shopping experience in the following words: “Our process starts with your selection of plants. We designed our online garden center website to automatically tell you your growing zone. A growing zone indicates the areas within the United States where the plant will grow well. Each plant and tree for sale has specific growing zones attached to it. This provides a quick and easy way to know which plants are best for your area.  Each plant is carefully packaged in a special box designed for shipping plants. The plant is then secured and shipped right to your door. How easy is that? No long lines at the garden center and no mess in your car. All you do is open your boxes, plant, and water! At PlantingTree, we are a family-owned online plant nursery that takes pride in our plants for sale and your order.”

About the Company:

PlantingTree is a family-owned online garden nursery that helps its buyers to make informed choices by providing them thorough information about all the plants they have in stock.

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