ABA Partners + Helps Businesses Across All Industries Save Money and Energy

ABA Partners + Helps Businesses Across All Industries Save Money and Energy

Cincinnati, OH – ABA Partners +, at https://www.abapartnersplus.com/industries/, is a woman and minority-owned energy consultant that helps businesses reduce the cost of their power bills nationwide. Its holistic approach focuses on energy procurement and easy-to-implement solutions for businesses across all industries, from manufacturing facilities to non-profit organizations.

ABA Partners + always begins its process by analyzing a business’s billing history from each of their utility services. The team of experts will then begin auditing. They are trained to recognize any errors in bills that lead to higher costs. This audit costs nothing to start, with no obligation. This is the first way that this energy consultant saves money for many companies. Through simple audits, small businesses and non-profits can begin their money and energy-saving process, no matter the budget.

ABA Partners + assembles a team of grant writers. Then they determine eligibility for grants, rebates, tax incentives, and House Bills. These grants are used to fund energy projects geared towards improving efficiency in businesses around the country. Lighting, roofing, and mechanical projects are all eligible for updates.

This energy broker functions as a one-stop shop. They partner with engineers nationwide to find the cheapest option for each service. Introducing outside funds to create new energy projects sets businesses up for future savings.

One of its clients, Cincinnati Club, reported $14,000 in savings after ABA Partners + implemented its solutions. ABA Partners + identified Cincinnati Club’s “poor load factor.” This means that the use of electrical energy within the facility was proved inefficient. If the company had not received its audit, this problem would have gone unnoticed. ABA Partners + works to ensure these hidden savings climb to the thousands with every client.

ABA Partners + helps businesses across all industries save money and energy throughout the year. Its extensive audit and grant writing techniques apply to any business. With its unique approach to budgeting, ABA Partners + encourages all businesses to examine their power bills and seek solutions for eliminating costs. They believe that any business, big or small, can save thousands.

To learn more, contact ABA Partners + today via phone or email.

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