Mold & Sewer Line Testing for Homes & Properties in Orange County, CA Launched

Mold & Sewer Line Testing for Homes & Properties in Orange County, CA Launched
Personalized Home Inspection Company of Orange County, CA recently launched mold and sewer line testing services for home and multi-unit properties in the Orange County, California area. Through these pre- and post-services, this forward-thinking company hopes to preserve residential infrastructure while saving property owners thousands of hard-earned dollars.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – An often hidden danger in Orange County residential facilities is mold.  Mold in homes and other structures can sometimes go undetected for years if the proper testing is not accomplished.  The unfortunate outcome can be sickness for all inhabitants not to mention the deterioration of the property itself. To combat the perils of household mold, locally-owned and operated Personalized Home Inspection of Orange County has recently launched an innovative mold detection and removal service designed to detect even the slightest bit of mold growth in its early stages.  

According to the company’s owner Justin Brown, “People tend to believe mold is easy to spot.  However, in some cases mold can be found in places like ceilings and walls or can be detected due to its musty odor, many times it is not visible to the eye.  Mold can even be found in heating and cooling ducts where areas can become damp.” Mr. Brown, a home inspector in Huntington Beach, and his team of highly trained professionals complete their thorough mold inspections with sample collections and full laboratory reports for use in determining any continuing requirements.

In addition, Personalized Home Inspection Company of Orange County is now also offering sewer line testing for homes.  This form of line testing involves sewer inspectors working with the company’s customers in response to complaints of faulty or blocked sewer lines.  These trained and skilled inspectors meticulously investigate these issues using highly advanced and state-of-the-art cameras to find leaks or clogs in the pipelines.  Going forward, the Inspectors also examine the sewer lines on a regular basis as a preventive measure to determine if maintenance is required. Many older properties have sewer lines that have been neglected over their lifespan.  This type of inspection can ensure costly (and often messy) incidents are avoided. Having a sewer line inspection accomplished is a proactive approach and great investment for any property owner to undertake.

Both types of home inspections in Orange County have been highly regarded and sought after, including in the surrounding areas.    

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Personalized Home Inspection of Orange County is a locally owned and operated full service commercial and residential inspection company.  Founded by Justin Brown, this company provides home, multi-unit, sewer line, mold and other facility inspections at affordable rates. A trained and certified InterNachi property inspector, Mr. Brown’s goal is to provide a one-on-one personalized inspection with the same quality service for every customer.  This company aims to provide world-class home inspection services for houses of all shapes and sizes and within every type of budget. They are trained to inspect every visible and accessible area of homes to ensure safety.

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