Green Oasis Foods (GOF) entered into a memorandum of understanding with DBA Greenz

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Green Oasis Foods Ltd. (GOF) of Vancouver BC has entered into a memorandum of understanding with 1207068 B.C. Ltd.  (DBA Greenz) to jointly develop a number of Agritech Industrial Parks in Canada under the banner Greenz Agritech Industrial Parks™(GAIP).

Lead by GOF, the two companies intend to create a consortium of agritech companies which will include themselves as lead partners in the planned Parks.  A number of discussions with additional consortium partners is already underway according to GOF.  These include Craft Cannabis Growers and related support organizations, Plant-based Protein companies, CBD raw material supply-side growers and processers (eg. Hemp) and mass-market Cannabis growers.

The planned Industrial Parks will leverage state of the art technology and a near zero carbon footprint mission by which partners will be evaluated.

About Green Oasis Foods Ltd:

Green Oasis Foods Ltd. (GOF):  The primary business of GOF is growing sustainable premium organic greens, herbs, spices, medicinal botanicals and seafood in state-of-the-art aquaponics farms.  Green Oasis has developed a bio-secure, fully enclosed farming system called CEVAS™ (closed environmental vertical aquaponics system™) that combines AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.  CEVAS™ monitors and controls over 25 critical farm functions from harvesting to bio-security. The farms have a near zero carbon footprint, can be built on any continent as they do not require agricultural land and use 95% less water than traditional farming.

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About Greenz:

Greenz:  For those looking to buy cannabis online in Canada, Greenz is building a fully compliant Canada-wide online dispensary that will offer everyday value on budget and premium strains of flower, refined cannabis products (such as edibles, oils, shatter etc) and quality CBD products from trusted and proven manufacturers.  A key component of its planning process, the company has built strong relationships with multiple growers and suppliers.   Many of these are some of Canada’s premier Cannabis companies ranging from craft producers to medical marijuana manufacturers.

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