Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer Makes It Easy to Fight Back Against Traffic Ticket Fines in Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer Makes It Easy to Fight Back Against Traffic Ticket Fines in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer is a Louisiana based law firm that staffs three lawyers who can assist clients with fighting traffic tickets. The Louisiana speeding ticket attorneys have successfully defended over 1000 clients facing speeding charges throughout the states and have done everything possible to eliminate or lower penalties. Their entire legal team is licensed in all federal district courts in Louisiana, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States. Whether one wants to get points reduced, dispute the rate of speeding or avoid insurance premium hikes, Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer is available to provide guidance.

In many cases, a speeding ticket may seem like a minor situation that does not require fighting a legal battle and hiring a speeding ticket lawyer, however, these charges often result in significant financial burdens that are not cheap. These burdens can take the form of hefty fines, as well as increased insurance premiums. The assigned attorney from Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer will do everything in their power to keep the speeding ticket or traffic violation off of their client’s record, along with protecting their client’s insurance rates. In addition to the financial impact a traffic violation can have on an individual, the state of Louisiana can penalize violators even further. Long term consequences for traffic violations can include the suspension of one’s driver’s license, revoking one’s driver’s license, as well as points on one’s driving record. No matter how minor a traffic violation may seem, it can be something that haunts individuals for the rest of their lives without having a traffic attorney in Louisiana fighting the charge.

In addition to helping clients fight the legal battle against their traffic violations, Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer will attend the Louisiana speeding court case on their client’s behalf to save them time and hassles. Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer will work with the traffic ticket issuing agency and prosecutors to reduce the traffic violation entirely or to one that will not plague the client’s permanent driving record. As long as a client contacts Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer two weeks prior to one’s court date, the client can join the 5% of individuals who choose to fight a speeding ticket and potentially be the one out of three who end up having their charges dismissed. 

Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer is located at 10101 Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. For legal representation, contact their team via phone at (225) 344-0911 or send online inquiries via email to help@louisianaspeedingticket.com. For additional information regarding their law firm, as well as the speeding ticket and traffic violation representation that they can provide, visit their website.

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