Purebold Introduces Dazzling Golf Gloves in 10 Distinct Colors

Here is a chance for golfers to set up their own style – from an array of best golf gloves made of premium cabretta leather

Escondido, CA; USA, 04 February 2013: PureBold – a golf equipment company based in Escondido, CA, is making a brave move to enhance the style and functionality of golfers. Michael Belleggie, the founder, is enticing putters with an offering of best golf gloves in 10 distinct colors.

Golf gloves are seen with a function nothing more than to protect blisters. And traditionally we are all used to watching putters wearing either black or white gloves.

“Golf has always been conservative when it comes to making a fashion statement”, says a prominent golf equipment manufacturer. “Now it is following suit, eventually.”

The golf gear scene is witnessing a change gradually, albeit unquestionably. New materials, fits, combined with youthful attitudes are helping push trendy accessories in the market. The mantra now is to inject style and color into the game.

“People are tired of seeing white gloves. Now they want something that matches their shirts, trousers, and hats”, says a seasoned golfer.

Purebold has a simple answer to this plea. The company has made a beginning by introducing best golf gloves in 10 alluring colors – purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, grey, black, and white. To not compromise on quality and comfort, the gloves are made of 100 per cent premium Cabretta leather.

As Michael Belleggie, the founder of the company says, “100 per cent premium Cabretta leather is like second skin, meeting the requirements of the glove without sacrificing any feel”.

Golf aficionados will no doubt insist that players must buy gloves primarily to maintain a firm grip on the golf clubs. In addition gloves help prevent blisters on hands and provide moisture control in warm and humid climates.

Choosing the right size is of course important. A player who has relatively short fingers with wide palms must select a cadet golf glove. Regardless of whether it is a standard or cadet golf glove it should fit snugly but not too tight.

With all the functionality taken care of, style still matters. Each golfer would like to look unique befitting their personality.

Happily PureBold’s offerings give the impression that panache and flair has come to dominate gloves – without sacrificing functionality.

Company Name: PureBold
Contact Person: Michael Belleggie
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Phone: (760) 532-6351
Address:2763 Quail Road, Escondido, CA 92026
Country: United States
Website: http://www.purebold.com/