LongBit – a Reliable Assistant for Digital Asset Trading, Aims at Providing Users With Sufficient and Technically Capable Projects

LongBit is committed to creating a secure, stable, transparent and fair integrated digital asset trading platform, providing global users with highly liquid, efficient and convenient cryptocurrency trading services, and providing full-chain investment bank advisory services for projects.

In terms of products, LongBit combines the three major trading modules of the convenient OTC market, aggregate currency trading, and professional contract trading. It aims at existing users in the currency circle and cuts into the currency circle emerging incremental users such as watchers, decentralized exchanges, blockchain communities, and game users.

Since its launch, LongBit has gained over 200,000 registered users within 3 months and has over 20,000 daily users. In the future, LongBit will further bolster old user transactions through strategic cooperation with Block City. At the same time, LongBit will also open multiple interfaces for blockchain games, applications, and wallet, providing one-stop digital asset trading scenarios for them to build an Ecological closed loop.

LongBit is a digital asset trading platform that was launched in March 2019 and won Gongxinbao. Gongxin Capital led the seed round, and relevant well-known institutions participated in this round of financing and completed a private equity financing of US $ 3 million. The Asset Exchange launched OTC trading in March 2019, and is rooted in the Block City APP and connected with the Block City account system with 2.25 million currency circle users. In May 2019, LongBit has launched currency transaction. It is reported that the currency transaction uses an aggregation transaction matching engine to solve the lack of depth of the new platform.

At present, LongBit completed the LBP repurchase and destruction of the fourth quarter of 2019 on February 10, 2020, with a total of 4,223,149.1 LBPs destroyed, valued at USD 205,000. The amount of destruction accounts for 20% of the net profit. So far, 8,848,202.9863 LBP have been destroyed.

Sharon, the founder of LongBit, said that the LongBit core team has been deeply involved in traditional finance for many years and members are early practitioners in the blockchain industry. The team has very professional and strong project selection ability, will work on the first launch project, select the best quality and best projects for users, and ensure the rights and interests of users; at the same time, because it has rich resources in the industry, and has reached a cooperative relationship with well-known Gongxinbao Ecology, a long-established public chain project. Although the platform has not yet opened a listing channel, the team said: “To provide users with sufficient and technically capable projects is the primary goal of LongBit Exchange. We believe that LongBit is capable of conducting neutral project analysis for ensuring the rights and interests of users.”At the same time, LongBit also provides quality investment banking services for high-quality project parties. For projects that choose to first launch on LongBit. LongBit will help them launch on major exchanges to achieve better liquidity and brand awareness.

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