“The Journal of Marcus Stewart” Explores How Beliefs Shape Racial Actions in a Las Vegas Casino

“The Journal of Marcus Stewart” Explores How Beliefs Shape Racial Actions in a Las Vegas Casino

Henderson, NV – February 21, 2020 – Our beliefs shape our actions at a deeper level than we realize. These actions can be right or wrong, but how do we tell? Nationally recognized slam-poet and artist, Psyentific, has come out with his sixth publication, “The Journal of Marcus Stewart”, which explores these fundamental truths in the context of race relations. The book is available from didyoubuythebook.com.

Marcus, the main character, is in his early 30s and has just won a million dollars at a Las Vegas casino. Since he is Black, he knows he must figure a way out of the premises with his money intact, and not get robbed or even killed while on the way.

The story will also show you your own prejudices, as, throughout the story, you may question his innocence yourself,” says the author.

Published by Soul’s Fire Publishing (its first release), “The Journal of Marcus Stewart” is structured in a unique way. The first half of the book is a novella titled “200 Miles Each Way”. The second half forms the journal, which is the main character’s personal journal in the form of 10 poems. The novella and the poems are interconnected; they explain each other.

The poems and the story will make the readers think deeply about perceptions and interactions at work in the US between the White and the Black communities, and how the beliefs carried inside shape the outward actions, fears and ultimately, even destinies.

“The Journal of Marcus Stewart” covers only 30 hours in the life of the protagonist, but lays bare a lifetime of mindboggling questions. Like what is really right or wrong when we know what we believe? The Las Vegas story has a tone that will linger for a long time.

“The Journal of Marcus Stewart” is available for purchase at: http://didyoubuythebook.com/

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