Lichtblau Law Office Committed To Working with Their Divorce Clients in a Cost-Effective Way

Divorce is a life-altering process. It can take several years to fully recover from the financial and emotional hurdles that are associated with it. It is also easy to get caught up in emotional dilemmas and make some decisions from wrong vantage points. That’s why couples should take some time and analyze any divorce case from a logical and cost-benefit perspective.

It is critical to exhaust all the efforts to work through problems with a partner, including going for professional counselling before moving forward with the process. Put simply, considering all the ramification of a divorce is vital given that life will never be the same once the decision to end the marriage is reached. 

However, in situations where nothing can be salvaged, divorce becomes unavoidable irrespective of whatever financial burden it might bring. The most logical thing to do for such cases is to figure out how the process can be completed as inexpensively as possible.

Lichtblau Law Office is reputed for providing holistic legal solutions that address the needs of its clients effectively and affordably. Their service areas span all of North York and they understand what it takes to lower the legal costs of a divorce process.

“Some divorce expenses can be avoided,” says a Lichtblau Law Office spokesperson, “Sometimes what it takes is reducing attorney’s fees one of the things many people are not aware that they have control over. Even when it doesn’t seem logical to reduce legal costs, being prepared for divorce-related expenses can reduce stress and allow the concerned parties to budget accordingly so that they don’t feel the financial burden.”

How Lower Divorce Costs Through a Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is one of the biggest expenses in a divorce process but it is also an area where one can keep costs down a bit. To begin with, it is advisable to use a divorce attorney for legal stuff only. Many people fall into the trap of using their divorce lawyers as the touchstone for all issues in their divorce. Emotional issues, for instance, should be left to a trained therapist who is familiar with the tricks of navigating emotional mine fields of a divorce not a lawyer.

Additionally, it is important to partner with attorneys who can work with a client in a cost-effective way. Such attorneys may suggest email-based communications instead of phone calls. Over a course of a divorce, such a move can translate to a lot of savings considering that a 15 minutes call can cost a hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Some attorneys also tend to advise their clients on the documents that they can gather early on, saving them hundreds and thousands in terms of attorney fees that may needed to compel a partner to produce the same documents.  

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Lichtblau Law Office is North York-based law firm that specializes in providing holistic and comprehensive legal solutions to its clients at affordable price points. They are particularly known for exploring their clients’ unique circumstances to design strategic legal solutions that address their goals effectively.

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