Young Author Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Publish Novel

Mamour Dieng, an American citizen of Senegalese descent, aims to add cultural significance and relevance to the American experience by presenting a historical fiction title with mystical elements to English readers as a way to connect readers to a time in history when the slave trade was just starting to expand

An exciting and worthy crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter platform. The campaign from Thomas Hill is to publish one of the most remarkable African American novels and to pay for promotion and have it distributed.

With literary agents limiting who they take on as clients, and publishing houses focusing mainly on household names, getting published has become even harder. Now, imagine an African American, who is not a celebrity, a reality star, or a sports star, trying to get published the odds of success has now been cut even further.

For more than 400-years black voices have been silenced in all walks of life from freedom of speech, politics, to literary offerings. Now, that is about to be changed with the groundbreaking novel “Roots: The Saga of an American Family,” author Mamour Dieng.

“Roots: The Saga of an American Family”, is a historical fiction that will allow English readers to experience the culture of the African American family. It allows readers to be connected to history with an enjoyable read and an interesting story instead of reading a history book and failing to reach the last chapter. By reading the new book, it allows readers to be taken from history to the modern age and understand why even today so many people are still angry.

The story follows a young prince named Kundul who is set to inherit the fictional kingdom of Wagadu. His father made some enemies and is about to make new enemies. This is not just a great read to be taken back in time and understand how the world has changed, it is also a great way for children to learn more about the history and how things were in a world that was fought with many wrongs.

The only way this book is going to reach the shelves and allow our children to understand what life was really like and the cultural differences is by people backing the campaign. Some book reviewers have called the new book a must-read, while others have said this is a book that the big named publishing houses should publish. However, without the support of book fans, and without the help of donors, this book will not see the light it deserves.

To donate to the campaign please visit and as well as donating to the campaign, the author is asking people to share it on social media to make people more aware.

About Thomas Milton Hill

A native of the Northern Virginia suburbs, Thomas Hill has lived in a variety of locations throughout the United States. He attended the University of Virginia and studied government with a political theory concentration. While at U.Va., he interned with the University of Virginia Press and developed his first taste of life in publishing. Professionally, Thomas has worked for a variety of nonprofit and for-profit organizations through the Washington, DC, metro area, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Staffing Association, and PBS. His affinity for print publication layout, design, and production provided him many opportunities to work on magazines, newsletters, and full-length book projects. He has served in editing/proofreading, layout/design, and prepress production roles since that time. He currently serves as a copyeditor for Pasatiempo, a weekly arts and culture magazine based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and works independently with authors and publishers in the production of high-quality books.

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