Mission and purpose: VP, Dr. Dinah Mansour find new direction at OEIS expansion

Story by Dimitriy Ferlo, / OEIS Newsroom.

Bahrain – There was something about the way she put her hand on the small of her back when they danced on a December evening when they met in 2006. “It was unlike any connection I’d ever felt before,” remembers Ihab Mansour.

At the time, she was going to campus to complete her residency in medicine. Ihab was managing his father’s estate. Within a week, they were inseparable. Within a few months, they were engaged. Knowing her passion for gardens, he proposed to her via Gardens of Versailles, France.

A new way forward

As Dinah recounted her story, she sat at a table in the brightly lit lobby of OEIS Facility, in Egypt Cairo. The facility is a place where different worlds come together. A few feet away, clients lined up to inquire about tactical, security and investigative training and services offered at the Facility. Nearby sat a disabled veteran and his service dog. While culinary services are what’s offered at OEIS, what’s really being created there is less apparent. Behind the scenes, and upstairs in classrooms are service-disabled veterans, military spouses.

The OEIS Facility is part of a project five-month transitional training program where students spend the morning taking security and tactical classes and afternoons gaining hands-on training experience learning what it’s like to have a career as a law enforcement officer and practice the craft of being a warrior.

“What we do is give them the tools and resources to allow them to move forward,” said Micho Hassib, Operational Manager in Egypt of OEIS.

OEIS has been a long-time supporter of Children’s aid and the Lilia Foundation, that supports the rescue of small children caught in Human and Organ trafficking. In support of their foundation, between June 1 and October 4, more than 5000 contribution stores across Egypt will carry a small Lilia coin, representing the symbol of ‘’rescue’’

“OEIS has been a proud supporter of Lilia Foundation over the years because they provide a unique combination of knowledge and culinary skills that set children and their families up for success,” said Patrick Sims, a Marine veteran who leads OEIS’s affairs program. OEIS has hired over 6000 military veterans and spouses since 2014 and has a commitment to hire 15,000 by 2025 to help them succeed in their lives after the military.

‘The journey doesn’t end’

At OEIS, the journey doesn’t end when you graduate,” said Dinah. In the alumni group, OEIS look for ways to help each other out. “Someone will say, ‘I’m applying for a job, can you look over my resume? Or someone will say they want to start a job doing government contracts and someone else will say, ‘Hey, I know how to do that.’”

Sixty-four percent of those who’ve graduated from OEIS’s fellowship programs are back in the civilian work force.

“I want people to know it can get better,” said Dinah. “I want them to know it’s possible. Being part of OEIS changed my life.”

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