The Breakfast Station by SimpliStart: A Nutritious Breakfast Ready In Under 3 Minutes

The Breakfast Station by SimpliStarts: A breakfast machine that can create a variety of healthy breakfast options in less than 3 minutes without any preparation.

No more skipping out on breakfast due to rush schedules. Montreal-based SimpliStarts has recently launched a new revolutionary breakfast machine on Kickstarter that assures to get your breakfast ready in less than 3 minutes and that too without any preparation. Aptly titled “The Breakfast Station,” the machine comes with a combo of 8 pre-filled healthy breakfast cups.

The first-of-its-kind, The Breakfast Station is an exclusive blend of microwave and integrated coffee maker into one.  The Breakfast Station is powered by state-of-the-art hybrid technology which mixes microwaves with RF energy. As per the experts, the RF energy helps with precision and comprehensive cooking of food to ensure all areas are cooked well. The high-end energy also eliminates overheating risks so that the cooked food does not get ripped off its nutrients due to excessive heat. 

“Life’s busy today, and our packed schedule often makes us skip out on breakfast. But that’s an unhealthy thing to do as skipping breakfast deprives your body of necessary nutrients you need to get going in the morning. We know that our rush hours are a major obstacle here, and this is where our revolutionary The Breakfast Station comes to your rescue. Together with cups pre-filled with dehydrated nutritional breakfasts, the Station will enable you to dish out perfectly healthy, nutritious, and tasty breakfast in less than 3 minutes.” – Francis Bernier, SimpliStarts.

SimpliStarts are looking forward to coming up with a wide variety of flavors and foods for pre-filled cups. As of now, users will find pre-filled breakfast cups for healthy pancakes, healthy omelet, healthy bran & oats muffin, healthy multigrain bread, healthy apple and cinnamon meal, and also extra chocolate cake. They are available in both kid and adult sizes, and biodegradable. SimpliStarts also offers a reusable cup; you simply buy the ingredients in bulk and fill it up with the appropriate amount.

The Breakfast Station features a user-friendly touchscreen with 5” display and other convenient features like- breakfast menu, clock, coffee menu, Bluetooth, WiFi, as well as settings for language, weather, and time. 

Using the Station is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Choose your preferred breakfast pre-filled cup
  • Remove the sealing paper on top of the cup and insert it inside The Breakfast Station
  • Close door 
  • Select breakfast type from the touchscreen
  • Press on the “Start” button and your breakfast would be ready automatically

The touchscreen allows users to set a preferred time if they want their coffee at the same time every day.

“One of the best parts of The Breakfast Station is that it involves no such prep-work from your side. This way, no matter how packed you are, you will always get your healthy and nutritious breakfast ready for you without hampering your daily routine. From homes to commercial establishments like hotels, our breakfast station can be used everywhere. However, such a high-end project demands solid financial backing and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring The Breakfast Station to life and make lives healthier, easier, and better for all.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on The Breakfast Station, pre-filled cups, exclusive Breakfast Station t-shirts, and so on. 

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