J.D Salbego took over as BitTok CEO and delivered an important speech at the Turkish Blockchain Economy Conference

Recently, J.D Salbego officially took over the new CEO of BitTok, a global cryptocurrency transaction ecosystem. J.D Salbego is a global leader in the fields of blockchain, digital assets, securities tokens and distributed finance. His outstanding experience has been reported in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo and others. He has more than ten years of experience in blockchain, digital asset transaction and funds, regulation and internationalization strategies. 

Since taking office, JD Salbego has made a number of constructive upgrades to BitTok’s global strategic planning and product service layout, and has built transaction ecological capacity in financial risk control capabilities, technical strength, system security and asset security, transaction efficiency, transaction liquidity, and product innovation. A number of strategic upgrades have also been made, which will help BitTok transaction ecosystem continue to grow and expand, becoming a world-class digital asset transaction ecosystem. 


On February 20th, JD Salbego delivered a speech at the Turkish Blockchain Economic Conference with the theme “The Role of Exchange as Gatekeepers”, stating that the future digital asset value support will come from actual project teams, application scenarios and projects’ development. As the top-level facility of the global blockchain value network, digital asset exchanges naturally have many important responsibilities, such as strict screening and due diligence of blockchain projects, legal compliance, and active monitoring. As a smart housekeeper of global digital asset users, BitTok will strictly fulfill the above responsibilities and establish a global transaction ecosystem with security, interactivity, flexibility, social transaction network, user-friendliness and community-driven. On the basis of protecting global investors, BitTok will continuously enhance the liquidity of digital assets and create value for high-quality digital assets and investors worldwide.

J.D Salbego emphasized that the security architecture and sophisticated management capabilities of the transaction ecosystem are particularly important because digital assets carry the value of the global blockchain ecosystem.

BitTok designs a strong technical application security architecture, internal control architecture, and insurance mechanism to fully protect the bottom line of digital asset security. In terms of technology, BitTok uses the world’s top code auditing, penetration testing, security hardening, multi-layer / multi-cluster security mechanisms, and professional digital cold wallets. In terms of internal control systems, 2FA system, early warning system, dual database cross-validation, real-time security detection, and intelligent private key management can form a comprehensive and powerful guarantee for global digital asset users, ensure asset security, and use top technology to achieve trust and value circulation. In terms of insurance mechanism, BitTok uses internal and external two-tier mechanism structure to jointly protect the user’s asset rights. BitTok establishes a customer protection fund internally and establishes crypto insurance externally. In the case of unexpected loss of user assets, it can be triggered automatically under the protection of smart contracts Compensation mechanism, a revolutionary measure to achieve de-trusting of global digital asset transactions.


BitTok is a global transaction ecosystem that will focus on the layout of many major digital asset countries around the world. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey 2019, Turkey is the first country in the world to own a cryptocurrency and an important country in the cryptocurrency community. 63% of Turks are keen on the idea that their banks should provide accounts in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. JD Salbego mentioned in his speech that BitTok, as a global transaction ecosystem, provides high-quality digital asset services to local users based on the introduction of financial resources in Singapore, a global financial center, and community support. A win-win global digital asset transaction ecosystem empowers the development of the Turkish digital asset industry.

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