Alex Bostanian And His Shopelyxir, Changing Lives For The Better


As an international jetsetter, an actor, cultural icon and important business entrepreneur, Alexander Bostanian is a man that has worked hard to get to where he is and a man that knows what he wants in life.

Having built a number of successful companies ranging from logistics to entertainment, and automotive to real estate development Alexander then turned his attention to his new company ‘ShopElyxir’ which focuses on natural healing and pain management through Cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

Bostanian has stated that after personally experiencing a neck injury that caused him severe and debilitating pain, he tried for years to find pain relief through taking a whole range of traditional medications, all to no avail. It wasn’t until a friend suggested he try CBD that he found some relief. Bostanian explains “After months of hesitation, reluctance, research and further exploration of other alternative remedies, I finally decided to give it a try and after just one use my pain instantly became more manageable! I couldn’t believe it! It would go on to change my life and I literally felt like I had been given a second chance; free from pain.”

This personal experience made me realize how powerful it could be in the management of physical pain and suffering, including some mental health problems. How it could bring massive benefits to the quality of life for anyone who, like me, was suffering from chronic and debilitating pain.

As a result Bostanian began researching CBD at a much deeper level and soon realized that not all products were equal. As Bostanian puts it – “being a natural product, it was important for me that it was organic and not genetically modified (GMO) and free from Pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals.” Bostanian had been so impacted by CBD that he decided to produce related products that ticked all the boxes, i.e. completely natural and safe, products that he would use and be proud to put his name to.

This is how ShopElyxir was started and it has now since grown into a GMP Certified company that produces a range of CBD based products, all naturally made in the USA using only the very best quality Hemp. It is a company that is now assisting people all over the world by easing their pain, whether caused by personal injury as in Bostanian’s case, or by something else, Elyxir has been their answer.

Alexander Bostanian is certainly carving out his dreams in the ‘City of Dreams’ but along the way he is helping many others to achieve their own dreams by giving them a second chance free from pain.

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