The Most Successful and Innovative Entrepreneurs

Successful and Innovative Entrepreneurs

One of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs, Alex Papas, has been credited for developing the Prepaid Phone Cards in the United States. Papas has also created and developed the first and only caffeine free energy candy in the world called Kabang Energy Candy, and has brought you Bangalicious Lip Gloss.  Alex Papas is now getting ready to launch his biggest project to date!

Soon, you will see commercials for Kabang Energy Candy and all other Kabang products on television stations across the nation! These commercials will appear during your favorite TV shows on channels you watch all the time. Look for them on channels like CNN, Discovery, E and HGTV and more.

Among the products featured in these commercials will be the original Kabang Energy Candy, as well as brand new CBD-enhanced Products, like the Kabang Feeling Good Candy. All of these are hard-shelled candies that start with incredible blast of flavor in your mouth and then build to an explosion of energy!

Kabang Energy Candy candies are the only caffeine free and gluten free candies on the market today and all have a delicious juicy fruity hard shelled sweet and sour with an exploding center.  Kabang comes in 4 awesome flavors, Apple, Cherry, Grape and Watermelon.  All Kabang products have 100% of RDA of Vitamins B6, B12, C, and Ginseng and sold at Rite Aid Pharmacies, Convenient Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores Nationwide and on Amazon.

Millions of you love them and felt the explosion in your mouth, now you will watch them explode onto your TV!

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