Lapland Sleddog Adventures Offers Tourists Unique Arctic Experience

Lapland Sleddog Adventures Offers Tourists Unique Arctic Experience

Kurravarra, SE – When approached about what they thought was the best Swedish Lapland husky tour, Kiruna visitors and residents frequently praised Lapland Sleddog Adventures. The company provides tours of the arctic areas of northern Sweden vis-a-vis husky-pulled sleds and snowmobiles, bookings for which are available online at

The husky-led tours at Lapland Sleddog Adventures have proven one of its most popular options among tourists, as it brings them to nature while providing the novelty of an animal-powered transportation system. Tourists have found themselves attracted to the company because of its energetic owners, a variety of packages available, and luxury accommodations.

Husband and wife Gaynor Leeper and Miloš Gonda founded Lapland Sleddog Adventures. The couple spends a great deal of their time and energy, making sure that their resort and tours are ready for their busy tourist season. Past customers with the company have noted how energetic and dedicated the two owners are. Of particular note is how much of themselves they put into their kennel. The owners have dedicated a large portion of their land for their forty huskies, and they work to maintain the dogs’ happiness and health.

Alongside Gaynor and Miloš, two tour guides assist the team during the winter season. The owners and guides are well-versed in the layout of the local area and popular tourist attractions, such as the Northern Lights, which visitors can view from a prime location above the company’s lodge. Because the other guides change each year, the owners review applicants and pick only the best candidates for the essential seasonal position.

Besides its staff, the company has also received praise for its versatile tour packages. It offers both short one-day tour options and more extended, multi-day tour options. When asked about the short and long travel options, the company noted that they wished to remain flexible to accommodate different customers’ needs. For their dog sledding options, they offer seated tours as well as self-driven dogsledding, where tour-goers can control a small team of huskies on their own.

Lapland Sleddog Adventures’s luxury lodgings also have attracted tourists from all over. The accommodations feature bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining area, a lounge, and a dedicated sauna cabin for extra comfort.

For parties interested in learning more about Lapland Sleddog Adventures, additional information is available on their website.

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