Korea eSports Industry Association Signs MOU with Blockchain Gaming Platform Gaimin.io: Promoting eSports & Inspiring Gamers to go Professional

The Korea eSports Industry Association (KeIA) signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Gaimin.io, a blockchain gaming platform based in United Kingdom and finalised the collaboration terms on 23 February 2020.

KeIA, founded in 2019 aims to revitalize the eSports industry, protect the rights of eSports players and create win-win cooperation and synergies between members of the Association and their affiliations.

“The role of the eSports industry is emphasized as a new growth engine to lead innovation growth in the economic world during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I am sure what we are doing now for the industry will add value and will help the industry to grow rapidly around the world. I want to also help some of the Korean based eSports teams to grow internationally. The MOU with Gaimin.io came at the right time. We want to work more closely together.” – Chairman of KeIA, Bong Kyu Park told Blockcast.cc editor, Jenny Zheng.

Gaimin has established communities with over 30,000 followers in Facebook, Twitter and Telegram in the last year. As the eSports and gaming industry continues to grow into the mainstream in recent years, from a subset of sports culture into a full industry in its own rights, Gaimin wants to be part of the growing process.

“Partnership with KeIA would mutually benefit from it. Our platform wants to help gamers to achieve a certain level of passive income through our mining plugin. Esports professional players will use our platform to more effectively communicate with their team and fan base, make payments, and manage digital assets online. We aim to make Gaimin.io as a one the stop solutions for all gamers. South Korea being the centre of the eSports industry we hope to introduce their best players to Europe and inspire more gamers to go professional.” Martin Speigh, CEO Gaimin added.

Gaimin.io and KeIA have met on several occasions thanks to the introduction from Anndy Lian, Chairman (Singapore) of KeIA. They first met at Seoul in December 2019 at the World Blockchain Summit Marvels 2019 where Calvin Adamus, Gaimin CPO spoke to Chairman Park to explore the partnership and then in January 2020 COO Clive Aroskin met again to seal the MOU. “I am happy to introduce them together. Chairman Park has been a visionary and likes to help young companies to achieve their goals. He also has the foresight for new technologies. I am merely bringing blockchain technologies and games adoption together as I feel that it is a good match. I advocate commercialisation of blockchain solutions and that the key functions of added security and trust is what the gaming market need.” Anndy Lian, Chairman (Singapore Chapter) of KeIA commented.

The MOU with Gaimin and KeIA will start immediately. Gaimin will be doing their part by promoting KeIA to their members globally while KeIA will do the same and explore the feasibility of introducing blockchain into the eSports industry.

The globalization of online gaming and eSports is unstoppable. High speed internet and availability of low cost computers allow games to be played online easily. Even people who are hearing and visually impaired can still participate in gaming with the latest IoT devices. As Anndy has mentioned, blockchain gaming added another level of trust and security to allow gamers to have the ease of mind.

For more information on the MOU, please go to www.e-keia.com and www.gaimin.io.

About Korea eSports Industry Association (KeIA)

Korea eSports Industry Association (KeIA), founded in 2019 aims to revitalize the eSports industry, protect the rights of eSports players and create win-win cooperation and synergies between members of the Association and their affiliations.

About Gaimin.io

The Gaimin.io project is a blockchain-powered gaming platform which connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power, therefore allowing passive monetization of the gamer’s GPU when not being used for gaming.

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