Paraguay – A2Z Concierge Reveals the Bright Side of Life in Paraguay

In the last decade, Paraguay has been viewed as a very commercial country, with a significant passage of immigrants from various countries all over the world. With a population just shy of seven million and a total area of 406,752, Paraguay has become a favorite destination to thousands of students, expats and business people in the middle east and the world at large. The country has a stable government and a steadily growing economy, not to mention the affordable cost of living. Besides, the residents of the country enjoy the most competitive tax schemes in the region as well as the most stable currency in the south American block. Over the years, the growth on the GDP has averaged approximately 4.5 percent, and the investment environment is conducive to high ROI’s. Besides, residents of Paraguay enjoy low taxes: the corporate tax is 10 %, and the VAT for a majority of goods and services stand at 10 % as well.

The open culture and inclusivity of the Paraguayans are also another factor that drives immigrants to apply for residency. The government welcomes and supports investors from other countries as they allow 100 percent repatriation of earnings and funds. Also, the Paraguayan permanent residence and Identification Card are granted within three months. They are valid for ten years, with the ability to live and work in all Mercosur countries and travel to Latin America and some EU countries without a passport. For individuals willing to live in Paraguay, full citizenship and passports can be granted after three years.

However, as much as most people would like to migrate in such of greener pastures, the process at times gets overwhelming and daunting. If you have tried, you can attest that the burden of visa solutions, home finding, and school search is not a walk in the park. So, do you need assistance in relocating?

Who can help?

A2z Concierge is one of the few certified companies specialized in moves to Paraguay. Senior management and the seasoned international consultants from around the world are available to advise you based on their skills in the different sectors, such as obtaining a permanent residency, investing in various sectors, and acquiring citizenship. Paraguay is a country offering significant advantages to immigrants. Nonetheless, it is still far from reaching its full potential. Therefore, you can expect better things in the future.

Dr. Julia Ranjbar, the president and CEO of A2Z Concierge, together with her team, have been in this business for a long time. Together, they have helped thousands of people migrate in search of greener pastures. In an interview, she revealed that “migrating to a foreign country is often hectic. Dealing with that stage alone is even worse. It is advisable to consult reliable and experienced professionals who can walk by your side and assist you with the bureaucratic, practical and legal aspects of your move. As immigrants ourselves, we understand what you need, that’s why we offer the essential tailor-made services to assist you in relocating and settling abroad seamlessly. We have a pool of experienced staff who can facilitate and jumpstart your move to Paraguay.”

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