Next Evolution Online Introduces New Digital Marketing Packages

The company aims to provide it’s clients with marketing packages that evolve with an ever changing online world.

Orange County, CA – February 24, 2020 – Next Evolution Online has long been a leader in the SEO industry. The company is constantly evolving to meet the extremely dynamic requirements of search engines in order to ensure clients receive the very best in online marketing. Part of evolution includes the reworking of its marketing packages from time to time. “NEO” has traditionally offered 3 different packages to its clientele and while that hasn’t changed, what clients receive has been modified. The company’s “Basic Package” is aimed at small and independent businesses operating on modest budgets. While this package addresses little more than the fundamentals of online marketing such as Google Local/Maps, it is an excellent and affordable way for those new to the process to test the waters so to speak. NEO’s middle tier package is aptly titled “SEO Essentials” and costs business owners about $1000 monthly. This package is much more aggressive than its lower tiered cousin; typically producing not only faster results but more marked results as well. The top tier package offered by NEO has been renamed “Premiere Marketing” and is meant to address the needs of businesses that operate in over saturated and extremely competitive industries. This package typically runs $3000 a month but its high cost is offset by the return on investment it produces. Businesses who select this monster of a package can expect quick results and a sudden and dramatic increase in their search engine rankings. They’ll also see traffic and eventually turnover increase as well.

“Search engine marketing can take an obscure small business website and turn it into one that not only receives a great number of visitors but one whose turnover increases ten fold. At NEO we not only work behind the scenes to increase the rankings of our client’s websites but we refine the focus of a website so that it reaches it’s target audience, be that local, national, or international. In order to remain effective however, the packages we make available to clients must adapt to the capricious nature of the search engines. They therefore periodically go through changes after in depth research by our online marketing specialists. We change what our clients get in their packages so that their online campaigns aren’t negatively impacted by Google’s changes. Any given client may be getting 3 press releases per month for example but may notice that they are now receiving 2 blog posts and more back links in lieu of the aforementioned. Granted, this is just an example of how our packages roll with Google’s punches but it should illustrate how things work. Additionally, some of the things our clients are used to seeing or receiving may disappear completely should they be deemed ineffective or a waste of time by the search engines. The client will always get the same amount of hours of work for their packages but what we do changes constantly. It is our hope that NEO’s newest packages are more tantalizing and easier to understand than ever,” says Next Evolution Online owner Jennifer Jarvis.

Next Evolution Online’s digital marketing specialists spend their days watching and meticulously analyzing the search engines. Many times search engines make unannounced changes; changes that have severe and very negative impacts on a website. With their eyes constantly focused on the digital world, NEO’s marketing team is able to pick on up these quiet changes and quickly adapt, changing what clients receive in their package of choice. Moreover this laser focus allows the team to create and implement completely new marketing techniques.

Mrs. Jarvis further added, “When I started Next Evolution Online I did so because I had worked for other online marketing firms that were either content in taking a reactionary approach to marketing or simply lacked the talent and/or expertise to be proactive and effectively aggressive with their marketing. It’s not enough to simply make some adjustments to a website and then sit on those changes month after month. To truly be effective and give clients the return on investment they expect, we have to change what we do for our clients websites on a frequent basis. We also have to go on the offensive and use our knowledge to anticipate search engine changes/requirements before they are put into effect. This not only helps elevate our clients websites in search results but it protects them from the damage many of these changes often bring about.”

About Next Evolution Online

Next Evolution Online is a leader in the search engine optimization industry. Since the company’s inception in 2006 it has helped hundreds of businesses, big and small, obtain greater rankings in search engines, reach a broader audience, and increase turnover rates. The company’s continued success can be attributed not only to the results it produces but the integrity, honesty, and expediency it operates with. At NEO every client is important and treated like a person rather than a number. It’s emphasis on providing high quality customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled.

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