Leading Decentralized Finance Firm MOS Foundation: the practice and thoughts of DeFi and the present and future for blockchain finance

The MOS team as a invited guest shared plans on MOS Foundation as well as ideas on DeFi and open finance during the speech in the New Technology and Finance Seminar.

The MOS team pointed out that the requirement for DeFi and encrypted financial digital service will be lowered so that more people will have access to the financial services, which will in turn boost the development of the real economy.

At the same time, MOS Foundation, the practitioner of open finance, will empower the financial industry with its application.

DeFi is a trending topic right now, but the concept that includes DeFi is called Open Finance, which refers to a series of infrastructure of open source financial services. Experts said that Open Finance is the next generation of Fintech.

The full name of DeFi is Decentralized Finance. It is an open-source community project for sharing financial infrastructure.

The founder Brendan of the cryptocurrency lending agency Dharma brought up the concept of DeFi last October. It was later supported by Coinbase and earned itself more followers.

As a matter of fact, the exploration of MOS Foundation on DeFi has begun in 2019 H1.

The essence of DeFi is, of course, financial service. MOS foundation aims at creating a series of applications for Open Finance, which will be more equal than the traditional financial applications and thus more helpful to the inclusive finance.

The scenes of MOS Foundation open DeFi will include all industries and functions. Games, advertisement, stable currency, exchange, OTC, funds will all be prepared in the blockchain industry.

Technical services provided to the global financial apps will include but not be limited to financing, derivatives, agencies and loans.

According to the latest data, the market cap for the global stock market is around 90 trillion dollars, while that of the financial derivatives market is 630 trillion dollars. This single market could keep providing fresh blood for the future development of the MOS foundation ecosystem.

The headquarter of MOS Foundation locates in Singapore, with its core members coming from top internet and finance companies including Google, IBM, JP Morgan who have great experience in the finance and technology industry.

Its technology team has been working a long time on the blockchain industry and it’s familiar with different encryption algorithms. The team has deep understandings of the principles and codes of the mainstream public chains.

MOS Foundation has three segments based on its previous accumulation in the traditional financial industry:

1. X-MOS, the app integrated with the decentralized encrypted finance ecosystem. It is to lower the threshold of the block chain industry and serves as the traffic entrance for MOS Foundation to change the financial industry with blockchain technology.

2. MOS Capital is granted the RIA license by the U.S. SEC. The asset under management is 142 million dollars. MOS capital strategically issued the stable currency, MUSD with compliance authorization so that the currency could be used to hedge the risks brought by the fluctuation of the digital currencies. This is a passport in the brain planet ecosystem and a key to enter the blockchain industry from the traditional financial industry.

3. MOS Money Transfer is with the highest level of payment license in the world. It is under the surveillance of the British FCA and BOE. The MOS Money Transfer is the core of all business actions in the MOS ecosystem. The payment method will help spread the blockchain transaction to every aspect of our life.

X-MOS serves as the traffic entrance so that now individuals could enter the blockchain industry with their wisdom and effort. The MOS Capital and MOS Money provide the users with compliance guarantee and serve as the bridge between blockchain and traditional industries. Here comes the financial ecosystem brought by MOS Foundation. 

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