The world’s first public payment chain BITP protocol

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Humanity is going through the process of building a higher level of consensus.

This is the progress of human civilization, only to establish a higher level of consensus, human can better cooperate and create higher value, in order to completely eliminate the contradictions and conflicts in social development, the distribution of wealth to a more just and equitable road; In order to make the world as a community of life, the pursuit of a new stage of human civilization.

The core value of blockchain lies in the fact that we solve our trust problems by technical means and reach a decentralized consensus. From the long-term perspective of human development,

The emergence of blockchain technology is the embodiment of human free will, but also through science and technology to promote the development of civilization.

The central world we live in now is full of problems that cannot be fundamentally addressed no matter how we improve our social and economic systems. As Asimov’s Elevator Effect points out, our imagination was limited to existing technology until key technological inventions were invented.

In this case, the advent of blockchain opens a window of hope. Blockchain technology breaks down traditional perceptions of privacy, wealth and even freedom.

BITP (Bit Protocol) is the world’s first MasterNode 4.0 static revenue main node coin representative. It is based on the development of BTC, PPC, DASH layered MasterNode supernode mining coins, it has the characteristics of P2P network and decentralization characteristics. The characteristics of the BITP coin determine the management of a multi-tierEd MasterNode, which improves network stability and dispersion. BITP is a open source project to go to the center, BITP inherits the characteristics and develops into the third generation POS protocol, develops multi-level layered management, low-cost mortgage POS mining characteristics, so that users have better dependence, decentralized network and so on. And it is based on the Secure Hash Algorithm 3 algorithm virtual currency, has faster and more secure and anonymous payment than other algorithms, and has the lightning network of timely payment characteristics, making IT easier to spread bitP around the world. BITP will also become the world’s top payment chain as it leads the blockchain digital currency and blockchain business era with expertise and standards.

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