Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates Makes Announcement Concerning Root Canals In Chamblee, GA

Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates Makes Announcement Concerning Root Canals In Chamblee, GA
Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates stressed the importance of the root canal procedure.

Chamblee, GA – February 26, 2020 – In a recent public service announcement, Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates highlighted the importance of root canals. Yi-Tsu Cheng, a dentist in Chamblee, stated that – while many people are intimidated by root canals – this procedure is often necessary for those with injured or infected teeth. According to Cheng, root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) removes infected, injured, or dead pulp from the tooth. Cheng stated that the space inside the hard layers of each tooth is called the root canal system. According to Cheng, this system full of soft dental pulp, comprised of nerves and blood vessels. This pulp helps teeth grow.

Cheng shared that root canal treatment is required when bacteria enter the tooth, either through cracks, cavities, or leaky fillings. The infected tooth can become abscessed, which is both painful and dangerous. Cheng said that a Chamblee dentist should be sought for root canal treatment before the complications get too severe.

Cheng went on to describe how root canal treatment works. According to Cheng, the dentist first makes an opening in the tooth so that the root canal system can be reached. The dentist then removes the infected pulp – using fine files – cleaning and enlarging the root canal system. In the next step of the procedure, the dentist cleans and rinses the canal several times and then fills and seals it. In the final step, the opening of the tooth is sealed with either a temporary or permanent filling.

Cheng shared that those seeking dental care in Chamblee often have several questions about root canal treatment. According to Cheng, many patients want to know if root canals are painful. Cheng stated that during a root canal, patients rarely feel pain or discomfort, as a local anesthetic is used to dull the pain. Cheng urged anyone who feels pain or discomfort after a root canal to seek further dental treatment. Cheng also mentioned that patients often wonder how long a root canal takes to complete. Cheng shared that this treatment typically takes around an hour and a half from start to finish. In answer to another common question, Cheng described the ideal post-root canal diet. Cheng shared that she urges patients to eat soft foods such as most fruits, yogurt, pudding, soup, tofu, eggs, and tuna salad.

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Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates has been serving metro Atlanta for 30 years. Dr. Cheng, dentist in Chamblee, was recently named “Nation’s Premier Top 10 Dentist” for her excellence in dentistry. Dr. Cheng’s office is meant to feel welcoming and comfortable for dental patients. The practice’s specialties include root canals, crowns, implants, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and dental veneers. Yi-Tsu Cheng, DDS. & Associates uses advanced technology for dental procedures.

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