The intime Foundation of Singapore announced the launch of hello chain, which will launch an international version in March

The new generation of block entry level application chain “HelloChain” has been precipitated for several months to perfect the technology and services. HelloChain includes: Hello Video, Hello Global News, Hello Diary, Hello Game and other applications based on block chain development. In December 2019, after the Singapore intime Foundation announced the Hello Chain internal test, it attracted the participation of many users, and won the praise of users, investors and project parties, and in a month, it achieved a good record of more than 300000 registrations! This is a proud record that Facebook has never created, and all the data show that Hello Chain will likely become the next blockchain + unicorn project! on February 18, Hello Chain’s first app, “Hello vdieo,” was launched online and announced the official launch of the international version in March.

Define the business and digital life of the next decade to open up a new era of block chain +!

Hello Chain encourages any developer to use Hello Chain to create a better application (DApp), that can be simplified by handing over tedious and complex operations to Hello, developers and building one phenomenon-level block chain application after another in the form of block chains. Block chain + is the global consensus of block chain industry development direction, Hello Chain provides enough perfect underlying technology, which will promote the rapid penetration of block chain technology into various industries.

Hello Chain is like “the next two salient features attract attention.”

1. Entry level platform of Block chain

An industry entry level application platform, the most important thing is that the basic application function, Hello Chain is based on the characteristics of block chain technology, to achieve the omni-directional application of block chain technology. This means that the disadvantages of traditional software centralization will be solved. The remarkable characteristics of blockchain technology are security, transparency, traceability and non-tampering. When it is docked with traditional software, it is bound to be able to solve the problems of the content industry in the Internet age. In Hello Chain, anyone can participate in the block chain value ecology and share the dividends of the blockchain era through the universal application of the platform.

2. Business can be seamlessly connected

Unlike other single applications, Hello Chain is a multi-application aggregation platform. Among them, “Hello Video” application is to focus on building short video ecology, integrating creators, advertisers, physical businesses, ecommerce, service providers and other roles to participate, and finally seamlessly link to online shopping, media, copyright trading and other commercial areas. In the future, Hello will also launch a variety of high-quality applications to link all.

Looking forward to the world, value applications in the blockchain are becoming more and more important, and Hello is bound to create more high-quality applications.

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