Affordable Cremation Services Available to Washington Residents

Affordable Cremation Services Available to Washington Residents

When a loved one passes away, it can be an emotional situation. While everyone who was close to them is grieving, they also have to plan their funeral. While there are several options, cremation with services at a professional facility like Tuell-McKee Funeral & Cremation Services makes sense for several reasons. Keep reading to learn why this option may be the best one.

Optional Viewing or Memorial

When a family chooses cremation with services, it offers a more therapeutic option than a direct cremation, though that is also available. With this choice, families can opt to have a remembrance ceremony, such as a funeral ceremony or a viewing. There are many people who feel much more comfortable with this option over direct cremation.

With a viewing or memorial service (more info here about this), family and friends can commemorate the deceased’s life. It also gives friends of the individual the opportunity to pay their respect and help comfort and grieve with the family. This makes it an appealing option to consider.

Cost Savings

In most cases, choosing cremation is a more affordable option than a full, traditional funeral service. By choosing cremation, it is possible to eliminate many of the costs that are associated with funerals, which include the cost of the headstone, cemetery fee, gravesite costs, and the casket. There are also many people who consider cremation to be an eco-friendly option because no land has to be disturbed for the purpose of burial.

Portability and Disposition Options 

According to the information found on, cremation provides a family with the ability to take the cremains to any location. If the people the deceased individual leaves behind move away, they can take along the cremated remains. With cremation, there are also several options for disposition. While there are some people who choose to put the cremains in a cemetery, most take them home. There are other options too.

The Other Side of Cremation

While there are many benefits of cremation, there are some disadvantages to know about, as well. This is the only way that a family can make an informed decision regarding if this is what is right for their deceased loved ones. For example, if cremation with services is chosen over direct cremation, the cost will be higher.

This is because cremation isn’t as profitable for the funeral homes. As a result, they are going to try to sell add-ons. Also, if the remains are to be buried in a cemetery, it’s still necessary to purchase grave space and to have a grave marker or headstone created. While this is true, the cost of burying cremains is still usually lower than the cost of burying a body in a casket.

When it is time to plan a funeral for a deceased loved one, there is no question that there are more than a few things to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to choose the option that best meets a family’s needs. Being informed of the pros and cons will help ensure this is possible.

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